Christmas Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List

Christmas Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List | love 'n' labels

So….. Um, is anyone else frantically trying to finish their Christmas shopping this weekend?? I am, and I’m so ready to finish crossing people off of my list. Y’all, I still haven’t even wrapped the first gift. What is wrong with me?! Anyways, I plan to knock a lot of it out this weekend, and I’m guessing a few of you all will be doing the same thing, so I wanted to round up an entire list of fantastic gift ideas for all my fellow last minute shoppers out there. We’re in this together, friends! No worries, we’ll get it all done. I’m here to help, and this post includes gift ideas for EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. on your list. I’ve also made it super easy to see the price of each item without having to click on the product. Just hover over the image, and you’ll be able to see how much it costs. Of course, let me know if you have any questions — I’ve bought a lot of these gifts in the past, as well as, this year for some of my family. However, I can’t say what all I bought just yet because I’m afraid some of my fam (hi mom!!) may be on here reading this right now ha!

Happy shopping! ūüôā

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Winners of the 12 Days of Giveaways

Winners of the 12 Days of Giveaways | love 'n' labels

Phew, I can’t believe we’re already half way through December – time flies!

I was so excited to kick off the holiday season with you all by giving away some amazing gifts during my #12DaysOfGiveaways series over on Instagram! I decided that this would be a great way for me to give back to some of my loyal followers and readers that have supported me and stood alongside me this past year. I’m SO beyond grateful for each and every one of you for making this whole blogging thing even possible for me, and I¬†truly wish I could afford to give wonderful gifts like these to each one of you. (Believe me, I honestly would do it if I could make it possible!!) Without¬†you, I would not be able to live out this dream of mine. Words just honestly can’t explain how thankful I really am!! LOVE every single one of you!

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Khloe Kardashian x DIFF Eyewear Giveaway!

Khloe Kardashian x DIFF Eyewear Giveaway! | love 'n' labels

On the seventh day of giveaways, Santa gave to …. YOU!

It’s¬†day 7¬†of my #12daysofgiveaways, and I thought I’d change it up a bit. I’ve been offering mostly Instagram only giveaways, but just incase you don’t actually follow me on Instagram yet, I wanted to give you the opportunity as well to win one of these 12 gifts I’m giving to y’all this week!

I’m teaming up with one of my all time favorite eyewear brands — DIFF Eyewear — to give away 3 pairs of their brand new Khloe Kardashian collab sunnies (one per person) to¬† 3 lucky winners!!

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Gifts for Parents and In-Laws

Gifts for Parents and In-Laws | love 'n' labels

Christmas shopping is in full swing here at the Baxter household! My goal is to cross everyone off of my list at least¬†one week before Christmas this year, but it always seems like I have a few last minute additions to add to the pile every holiday season. Recently, TJ and I have been looking for things to get our parents, and I remembered some of you asking me to present a gift guide for in-laws. It’s true – they can be hard to shop for … especially if you are just looking for a gift for your boyfriend/girlfriend’s parents and you all are not yet married.

In this post, I’ve included a huge list of gift ideas for mom, dad, mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law, & brother-in-law. Any of these gifts would make the perfect Christmas present for this group of people. I included both affordable and higher-priced items, depending on what you normally spend on these loved ones. I hope you all find this super helpful!¬†PS – a lot of these items, TJ and I bought for our family members!¬†ūüôā

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8 Ways To Get In The Christmas Spirit

8 Ways To Get In The Christmas Spirit | love 'n' labels

Christmas is such a special time of year – whether you are surrounded by loved ones or not – because we get to celebrate the life of our Savior, Jesus Christ. As much as I love being with family this time of year, I have to say that the most special part is getting to celebrate the birth of Jesus!

Since it’s¬†almost December, I thought it would be the perfect time for me to share 8 ways to get in the Christmas spirit this holiday season! Let’s be real … I’ve had my Christmas tree up & decorated since November 1. But, I know that¬†all people are not like me & that’s okay! But I hope that you all are getting into the spirit now, and if you’re not quite there yet, I hope that this post inspires you in some way to get that holiday sparkle in your eye. ūüôā

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Best of Cyber Monday Sales

Best of Cyber Monday Sales | love 'n' labels

Are you guys shopped out yet?? I hope not because there are TONS of amazing sales happening today online!

I wanted to share a few of my top favorites with you all + a few tips on how to grab the best deals:

1. SHOP SMART: Have your list of people that you need to buy for ready to go! Or if you are shopping for yourself, make a list of the certain pieces you are looking for. That will narrow down the sales and won’t be so overwhelming when you start shopping!
2. SHOP FAST: Days like today when there are tons of amazing deals happening, items will start selling out so quickly, and since Cyber Monday only lasts for one day, those items most likely won’t be restocked until after the sales end. If you see something you need or want, it’s best to grab it right then!
3. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF FREE SHIPPING DEALS: If a retailer is offering free shipping without requiring you to spend a minimum amount, definitely take advantage of that. Don’t hesitate to make more than one purchase at a retailer since you won’t have to meet a minimum amount in order to receive free shipping.
4. HAVE FUN! Shopping is fun. Sales are fun. Enjoy the day and think about all the $$ you are saving when buying your holiday gifts on this exciting day!

Happy shopping!!

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Thanksgiving + Black Friday Deals

Affordable, Fall Outfit + Current Makeup Routine | love 'n' labels

Happy Turkey Day y’all!!!!

Okay, but in all seriousness … Happy Thanksgiving! I’m BEYOND thankful for¬†YOU who comes to read my blog on the daily & just to see what is going on in the world of¬†love ‘n’ labels¬†& Peyton haha! You guys are seriously the¬†best.

I promised y’all that I would keep you guys up to date on my Black Friday / Cyber Week sales, and since I’m going Black Friday shopping tonight, I figured I’d go ahead and share a few of my favorite deals and ‘hot spots’ for tonight … today, I’m sharing some of my top pick from Loft, J.Crew, Asos, & T3micro. Most of these store I¬†also shop on Black Friday here at our local outlet mall, so I’ll be in-store shopping & be sure to share any of my top picks that I find! So, stay tuned to my IG stories where I’ll be sharing everything!

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Early Black Friday Sales: Nordstrom, Express, Neiman Marcus Last Call

2 Must-Have Pieces of the Season | love 'n' labels

It seems like the Black Friday sales begin earlier and earlier each year, amiright?? It’s just all mushing together as one big¬†Cyber¬†Week, but I’m not complaining! That just means that we all have more time to start shopping and pick up some of the very best deals.

I have a tradition with my mom and sister where we always go to the outlets located near our home town each year on Thanksgiving night —¬†like 10:00p to 3:00a¬†(yeah, we’re cray!) — so I normally don’t start my Black Friday shopping until¬†then. However, I’ve already started this year since I’ve been rounding up all of the best deals for you guys! I can’t help but find some¬†lots of things that I need to buy as well — either for gifts or for myself (oops!).

Before this week even started (I knew it would be crazy), I planned out my entire week of posts (blog & social) with brands and retailers that have told me about the sales and deals they will be having during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I reached out to a lot of my favorite brands and retailers so that I would know¬†exactly which sales to share with you all (because we all know there are thousands out there right now) …

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Festive Thanksgiving Day Outfit Inspo

Can we even believe that Thanksgiving is literally less than a week away already? I seriously feel like it was JUST Halloween like a week ago. But here we are! And ya girl is really excited because that means we’re one step closer to Christmas (my favorite holiday). However, I won’t jump too far ahead into all of that just yet ūüėČ Thanksgiving is definitely one of my favorites too because it’s a season to remind us of all the amazing blessings in our life, we get to spend time with our loved ones and of course, we get to gobble ’til we wobble (literally) …¬†calories don’t count on the holidays, right?!

I’m getting lots of questions recently for some Thanksgiving Day outfit inspiration, so I wanted to throw together this post that would hopefully be helpful to you guys when finding your OOTD that day.

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Stocking Stuffers For Him and Her

Gifts for Parents and In-Laws | love 'n' labels

Recently, I took a few polls over on Instagram (are y’all liking those? I think they’re kind of fun!) and you guys were¬†all for a stocking stuffer gift guide, so tonight, I’m sharing all of my favorite stocking stuffer ideas!

Even though my sister and I are grown, we still get stockings at our mom’s house and at our grandparents. I personally don’t think you’re ever¬†too¬†old for a stocking – they are SO fun!!

I’ve included some of the best deals and sets below for boys, girls, men & women of many different ages to hopefully inspire you to make your stockings the best they’ve ever been! It’s hard to out do Santa, but we can at least try .. am I right or am I right? ūüėČ


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