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Finally Friday, y’all!! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m beyond ready for the weekend.

Since I started a new series here on LNL, I’m going to let today be the last FAQ Friday for awhile. I’m so glad you all have enjoyed them, so they may not be going away forever. Actually, I haven’t even gotten the chance to post another FAQ Friday in awhile because of travel and other collaborations going on, so today’s is a pretty long one. I’m catching up on all of the questions I’ve been getting over the past few weeks, and I hope you all enjoy! If you have any other questions that I didn’t cover, feel free to comment below this blog post.

FAQ Friday | love 'n' labels www.lovenlabels.com FAQ Friday | love 'n' labels www.lovenlabels.com FAQ Friday | love 'n' labels www.lovenlabels.com

What’s the secret to getting your eyelashes so long?

I continue to get this question over and over, so I wanted to include it in today’s post. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you already know my ‘secret’ haha 🙂 But if you’re new around here, I do have eyelash extensions, which you can read more about in this post. I wish I could claim them as my own, but I reeeally love having them! I’m definitely hooked.

Where are some of your favorite places to shop for clothes/shoes in Knoxville & Nashville?

This is a really good question for all my local Tennessee peeps. I’ll be honest and say that I primarily shop online because that’s really all I have time for, and if I am in store shopping, I’m usually helping a styling client of mine for a future photo shoot, trip, closet cleanout, etc. But, here are some of my favorites if I have a few extra hours in the day: (ps – none of these are sponsored at all. Just love them!)


  • Spoiled Rotten Boutique / Southern Made Tees / Strut (These are sister stores all in the same location. Affordable prices with trendy pieces & cute graphic tees. Plus, you may see a familiar face in some of their photos 😉 )
  • Janice Ann’s Fashions (especially for really unique jewelry … I get a TON of my jewelry there.)
  • Free People section in West Town Mall
  • Also, Dillard’s in West Town Mall (amazing finds upstairs in the women’s section + the best shoe selection!!)
  • My Kind of Lovely (affordable pieces with lots of cute planners / mugs / sorority pieces / home decor)
  • Big Oak Shoes (tonssss and tons of quality shoe options for many ages)
  • Marti & Liz (discounted shoe store — kind of like a Marshall’s or TJ Maxx just for shoes so sometimes you find a ton of cute options & sometimes you find nothing so be patient!)


  • Two Old Hippies (hands down, incredible. pricy but if I had an unlimited budget, I would purchase one of everything in this store haha!)
  • Flip (designer, high-end consignment store with AMAZING finds. can find some great deals here!)
  • Cavanagh Baker (very high-end & would be perfect for special occasions. I wore many of her looks in this post. also offers custom designs if you ever need something along those lines.)
  • Nordstrom (which obviously, you can also order online. I mostly order from here because we don’t have one here in Knox, so unless I’m in Nashville, I’ll order online.)

I want to start a blog, but I’m so overwhelmed. How did you get started? Do you have any tips for new bloggers?

YES. I have so many tips – and I’d love to help! I get this type of question multiple times DAILY, so it’s physically impossible for me to respond (in detail) to everyone. That’s why I decided to kick off my Blogging 101 series here on the blog where I can answer everyone’s questions all at once. The first post in the series is live (HERE) and the next one will be coming in less than 2 weeks so stay tuned!!

Are you interested in trying LipSense? I will send you some to test out!

Another question that I get alllll the time .. I have tried the product in the past, and I know a lot of people love it. However, I just liked my other lipsticks that I was already using much better. I’ve shared on my IG stories about this because a lot of readers will reach out to me about trying it, and I certainly don’t want you to think that I just don’t want to try your product. I’ve just already tested it, and it’s not the best for me personally. I’m sure a lot of you reading this may love it, and that’s awesome! But I just have to stick with what I know works on my lips. 🙂

What is your workout routine?

Well, for one, I certainly don’t kill myself. I try as much as possible to listen to my body. I mostly focus on cardio (I’m actually one of those weirdos who enjoys going for a run on a nice day lol) and then bodyweight & hand weight circuit exercises. I honestly do most of this just in my living room. Nothing fancy! I’ll be sharing a much more detailed post on this at the end of this month so stay tuned!

Do you and TJ want to start a family?

Of course! When the timing is right. We both love kids & have always been around them our entire lives.

I just graduated college & have found that post-grad life brings a lot of changes that I was not prepared to handle. I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster ever since. (I was also a college athlete like you.) Do you have any advice on how to handle these intense changes and stay motivated to achieve new things?

I can totally relate. When I first graduated from college & started my first ‘big girl’ job that I wasn’t extremely passionate about, I kinda felt lost and felt like I was all of a sudden this boring person, trying to do my best at #adulting, but was not very happy with how that part of my life had changed. However, I was also planning my wedding, so that definitely kept me busy and I had all of that to look forward to. But I (surprisingly) somewhat missed going to class, seeing all of my friends everyday, going to cheer practices (kind of — let’s say that part was bittersweet. My body & well-being couldn’t take anymore of it haha!). But what was the hardest for me is that I graduated a semester early and all of my friends were still in school and going to practice. That took some adjusting, but then, not long after, I started my blog which I’m obviously SO passionate about, got married and started focusing on this new chapter. And boy is it way sweeter than even the college years! My advice is to find your passion – the thing that drives you and makes you happy – and pursue it no matter how big or how small it may be. Once you are truly passionate about something, you kind of forget about ‘missing’ the other things & those all just become memories that are nice to look back on. If you’re like me, you’ll just be thankful that you’re on your way to the next chapter.

What is the biggest driver for your success? If you could give one piece of advice not just to bloggers, but to anyone wanting to start a brand / business, what would it be?

Invest in it. Invest your time into it. Invest your money into it (even if you feel like you’re not ready to start putting money into it). You get out of it what you put into it. (This goes for anything in life, actually.) I’ve seen this happen with my own business. The harder you work, the more time & effort you put into it, the more you trust God to lead the way, the faster it will grow. Stay determined, stay passionate & never give up – the growth, fame & fortune will follow.

Would you ever hire an intern or assistant?

Yes. Not necessarily at this moment, but I’ll let y’all know whenever I start taking applications.

Who is one of your blogger friends that has similar style to yours?

I would say that there are definitely a few, but one that instantly comes to mind is Ashlee Frazier. Trendy, classic, the best booties, statement pieces, southern, chic, feminine, effortless style. ALL. THE. THINGS. She loves to mix it up in her daily outfits, as do I. I met Ashlee in NYFW this past September, and we’ve quickly become such great friends. She’s the sweetest girl (also living in the South — haaayyy Texas!) with the cutest style. She has one of the best shoe collections, which is funny because that’s how we actually started becoming good friends – over a pair of red boots, naturally. (LOL!) Shoe hoarders unite! And, she has such a great bod. Y’all keep asking me for my workout routines when really you should prob just be looking at hers!

I don’t know which style or size to get in the Gucci belt. Which one do you have?

Linking mine HERE. And I got the size 85. It fits perfectly on my hips but is a bit big if I wear it high-waisted, so order down a size if you wear more high-waisted pieces.

Well, that’s all of the FAQ’s for now, guys! I hope you enjoyed them and got lots of your questions answered. Of course, never hesitate to reach out though if you think of others! Hope y’all have a great weekend – I’m off to dinner & the movies with some friends & family tonight, pretty excited!

xo, P

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