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FAQ Friday | love 'n' labels www.lovenlabels.com

Happy FriYAY! I’m really screaming the yay part today because it has been a looong, exhausting week of work – hence this comfy & casual #OOTD. With the #NSALE event starting this week and all of the other obligations on my calendar, I can say that I’m pretty happy to see the weekend. But as exhausting as it may get sometimes, I genuinely love this job, so it’s hard for me to actually take then entire weekend off LOL.

Anyways, I’m sure you all are already sick and tired of hearing about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, so all I am going to say regarding it is to remember and sign up for my $500 giveaway (winner announced tonight!) and also be sure to check out my top picks from the sale so far if you planning on participating in the event.

FAQ Friday | love 'n' labels www.lovenlabels.com FAQ Friday | love 'n' labels www.lovenlabels.com FAQ Friday | love 'n' labels www.lovenlabels.com

white oversized tee | similar black and white athleisure pants | black slide on tennis shoes (my faves!) DUPES HERE | black sunglasses | LV wristlet | gold bar bracelet

Since starting this new little FAQ series on my blog, I’ve actually gotten a ton of questions that I feel like many people may want to know but just don’t always ask. So, I hope that by me physically writing these questions out in a blog post and answering them publicly, that it will help so many others along the way as well! If you missed the first FAQ Friday last week, that’s okay. I basically just answer 2-3 questions each week (they can be about anything!) that readers send to me, so with that said, if you have any questions, feel free to comment below or send me a message! Keep reading to see if your question has been answered this week 🙂

1. What is that red color of lipstick that you always wear?

It’s from Mac, and it’s called Ruby Woo. It’s seriously my favorite lipstick ever! However, it’s very matte so if you like more of a glossy feeling, then you may not like it as much as I do. I like the matte look because it hardly ever bleeds or comes off throughout the day. I’m wearing it here in this post & you can shop it here (under $20).

2. I want to start a blog/social media account, but I don’t know what to call it. How did you choose the name love ‘n’ labels?

There’s a quote by the ever-so-chic and stylish, Carrie Bradshaw where she says, “Year after year, twenty-something women come to New York in search of the two ‘L’s: Labels & Love.”

I am a huge SATC/Carrie fan, and this quote happens to be one of my favorites of all time because I feel that I personally relate to it so much – as well as so many other young women in their twenties. All of us ladies just want to find love and look stylish while doing it.

I’m a small town girl with a big city heart (actually, I’ve always been overly obsessed with NYC) and two things that I am most passionate about in life are fashion and love. So … it only seemed fitting to name my blog after some of my favorite things. Through this blog, I want to share with my readers how to get those ‘New Yorker street styles’ anywhere in the world – because you can obviously look fabulous in streets other than the big cities! CB was definitely one of the biggest inspirations when it came to choosing a name for my blog, but I like to think that I am taking my own spin on her quote by relating it to the everyday, stylish, lovable woman  – the one who can join me in mixing both high and low fashions every day.

My advice for choosing the name of a brand or blog is to analyze yourself and what best represents YOU as a person. If that’s ‘glam’ then incorporate that. If it’s ‘preppy petite fashion’, incorporate that. If it’s an ‘adventurous lifestyle’, incorporate that. Of course, you can always just use your name if you want to keep it simple and to the point as well.

3. How are your eyelashes so long?

Lash extensions, ladies. THEY ARE NOT MINE. Ha! I wish 🙂 Fortunately, I do have pretty long natural eyelashes, but these extensions just make it SO much easier and quicker to get ready + it helps me to look like I actually have eyelashes even when I don’t have any makeup on. My natural lashes are sooo blonde that you can hardly see them at all if I didn’t have mascara on them. Read more about my lash extension experience here + there’s a 20% off coupon if you decide to visit my sweet lash lady here in Knoxville!

Have a fab weekend beautiful!

xo, P

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  1. I love this series! It is so fun getting to know you better! We are also completely obsessed with NYC and are planning to move there after graduation! (that is actually where we got our blog name)

    Posted 7.19.17 Reply
    • OMG no way!! That’s so fun – I’m jealous of you ladies 😉 I will have to check out your blog so I can follow along! Thanks so much for stopping by and loving the series, Breana and Riley!

      xo – P

      Posted 7.26.17 Reply
  2. Rania wrote:

    I find pinning down a name for your blog is one of the hardest things because it’s the thing you want to love over and over and not just that, but also over the years as you progress in your trade. I love the questions you’ve laid out as I love the name of your blog and feel it resonates with your brand. Would love to see you drop by the-wardrobe-stylist.com to say hi 🙂

    Posted 7.21.17 Reply
    • SO true. It’s one of the most challenging parts of getting started, which is funny because it seems like it would be so simple. Thanks for stopping by!

      XO – P

      Posted 7.26.17 Reply