Current Fall Cravings

So, y’all know that the fall weather has been really slow getting here to East Tennessee, but the leaves are beginning to change and it’s finally starting to take a turn toward cooler temps (meaning like 70’s — sometimes 60’s if we’re lucky. But I’ll take it!).

I’ve definitely become that ‘basic’ girl that everyone makes memes about because I’ve been burning my fall candles (nonstop — like most of them are already burned to the bottom!!), sipping on some hot cider, making chili for the hubs, the whole shebang! No PSL from Starbucks for me though so I guess it could be worse 😉 I don’t know why, but I’m just not really into them. I’m more of a boring, regular coffee kinda girl 90% of the time haha!

Anyways, to celebrate my excitement for the season with you all, I wanted to put together this full post where I basically lay out ALLLL of the things that I’m currently craving – or wearing – during this time of year + a few products that I’ve been raving about and have gotten a lot of questions about on Instagram lately.


I tried something new in today’s post where I’ve made it REALLY easy for you all to shop the pieces in the above photo. All you have to do is hover your mouse over the product you want to shop, then click on it! (If you’re on a phone, no hover is necessary — you can just click.) It should take you directly to the site to shop that product! There are only 2 things in the photo above that are not shoppable in this way, but I will link them at the very bottom of this post for you to shop.

There are obviously so many cute styles and pieces out there right now, so I just pulled a few of my favorite styles that I’ve had my eye on (or the ones that I’m already wearing / have in my closet). I separated my current fall favorites into 6 overall categories that I consider must-haves for this particular season:

BOOTS/MULESThe top 5 must-have styles and trends for fall are over the knee (or thigh high) boots, sock booties (like the red ones I wore in this post), white leather (or faux) boots/booties (possibly my fav trend of the whole season!), slides or mules, and of course leopard print (on boots or slides).


COMFY/EASY TO THROW ON TOPS & BOTTOMS: I.e. joggers, faux leather leggings, basic or graphic tees, flowy/lightweight tops or tunics. AKA – my go-to daily uniform when I don’t have meetings. When I think fall, I think of being cozy and comfy. And the best thing about pieces like these is that you can throw on a cute pair of jeans & white booties with a graphic tee to dress it up a bit more or even wear your faux leather leggings (these are seriously the best ever & squeeze everything in) with your OTK boots! You don’t have to compromise comfort for style allll the time, ladies. 😉


COZY CARDIS & SWEATERS: I mean, this doesn’t even really need explaining, does it? Knits, turtlenecks, sweater dresses, comfy cardis to layer up, lengthy dusters, oversized sweaters, etc etc etc. The options here are endless, and thank goodness they are because these are just classics that will be on-trend year after year & are beyond perfect for this season.


COOL DENIM WITH UNIQUE, AMAZING HEMS: This is still a fairly new trend — having become more popular back in the summer. But this super cool, sick style of denim is SO in right now. I’ve got my eye on sooo many different pairs of these jeans. I would love to test them out and show y’all some ideas of how to style them because I know some of these can be a little intimidating at first. I showcased this trend (somewhat) in this post, but I’ll work on another one for y’all with more focus geared toward these types of bottoms if you’re interested. Comment below this post to let me know!


EDGY DENIM, LEATHER OR FUR-TRIMMED JACKETS: Y’all surely know by now that I’m all about an edgy outfit! It’s one of my favorite styles to wear because it’s a challenge to make the outfit all come together, but when you get it right, it usually makes the coolest, most insane, kick butt look. And it makes you feel like a BA while wearing it haha! I love the whole oversized denim jacket trend that’s happening right now because you can also wear it as a denim dress, and then of course, any type of leather jacket is always a must for fall — especially when it includes embroidery or fur accents.


OTHER RANDOM FALL FAVES: These are just a few other fall-ish things that I’ve been using or loving at the moment. The best smelling candle (!!), a corset belt (because it’s coming in fast y’all — hop on the train before everyone else does), a nude lip that I finally like (I like the colors ‘taupe’ or ‘velvet teddy’), my leopard scarf, the cutest fall mugs, and then the self tanner* & whitening toothpaste* that I’ve been using religiously as of late. Shop them all in the picture up above or in the widget below:

*I couldn’t link my self tanner or whitening toothpaste in the widget or the picture above, so just click the links below if you want to shop those:

SELF TANNER (One of my all-time favorites — I can notice a difference in just one day & it really helps to make my tan from summer last SOO much longer! Always wash your hands after application.)

WHITENING TOOTHPASTE (THE best ever!! I always get questions about how or if I whiten my teeth with anything, and the truth is, I don’t use a teeth whitener. I just use this particular toothpaste daily. I have very sensitive teeth, which is another reason I love this product because it’s so safe for your teeth — no bleaching ingredients! Pro tip: Apply the toothpaste onto your DRY toothbrush & start brushing. Don’t use any water with it on the first brush. Then rinse and continue brushing with water.)



I hope you all enjoyed diving deeper into this season’s hottest trends and seeing some of my current favorites for fall! If you have any questions at all about anything mentioned above, please comment below! Also, let me know if you have any specific blog post or outfit topics you want me to cover this month!

Thanks so much for stopping by today — have a great weekend, beautiful!!

xo, P


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    Really good post!!! Love the new linking of items!

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    • Yay – I’m glad you like it too!!

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