My Winter Playlist ’18 + LOUIS VUITTON GIVEAWAY

A couple weeks ago on my Instagram story, I had a song playing in the background, and I received over 50 messages asking for the title & artist of that song. I figured I would do a poll to see if you all would actually be interested if I shared my current playlist with y’all, and over 95% answered ‘YES’. So, here we are!

Today, I’m sharing my Winter Playlist, which includes lots of chill tunes, (some newbies – lots of oldies) and all around just a huge mix of what I’ve been listening to lately. I tend to listen to many different genres, slow songs & fast songs, sad music & happy music all at one time, so I hope y’all like a good mix! I’m sure you’ll be able to easily identify which artists are my favorites since I’ve included lots of their music. 🙂

My Winter Playlist - '18 | love 'n' labels My Winter Playlist - '18 | love 'n' labels My Winter Playlist - '18 | love 'n' labels

I feel like you can tell a lot about a person by seeing what kind of music they listen to. I’ve always been a huge music person and wish so badly that I could sing well (LOL, I can’t), but you can always find me jamming out to my favorites throughout my day to day life. Whether I’m cooking dinner in the kitchen, cleaning the house, working out at the gym, running errands around town or working at my desk, you can count on me playing my favorite playlist at the time. I’d pick listening to music over watching television any day of the week … it’s just something that I’ve always connected to & has helped me through many good times and bad times in my life. Music is really therapeutic during the tough times, yet so much fun to dance around to during the happy times. I hope some of these songs help you as well, for whatever you may be going through in life right now.


Changing gears … I’ve joined forces with one of my blogger besties (who I think you’ll love) to give away a Louis Vuitton Cosmetic Bag! ($415 value) This bag is so perfect for traveling, using as a makeup bag or even using it as an organizer inside your purse. I also think it’s super cute when carried as a clutch!

My Winter Playlist '18 + LOUIS VUITTON GIVEAWAY | love 'n' labels


1. Follow me (@peyton.baxter) and my girl (@randacarrabba) on Instagram

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*Winner will be announced Sunday January 14 at 8pm CST.*

If you all would like me to continue sharing playlist posts like this for every season, I’d be happy to work that into the schedule! Just let me know if you liked it 🙂 I’d also love to hear who your favorite artist is because I love discovering new music.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, beauties & as always, I so appreciate your feedback!

xo, P

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  1. Caitlin E wrote:

    So happy your posted your playlist! I have been looking for some good songs to listen to on the way to work or at the gym! Also, loving that LV makeup bag/clutch! So pretty!

    My fingers are crossed!

    Caitlin @caitash

    Posted 1.9.18 Reply
    • Hi Caitlin! Aww thank you so much for stopping by to check it out – I hope you like some of the songs I shared! Thank you so much for entering the giveaway and for following along, girl!

      xo, P

      Posted 1.10.18 Reply
  2. Kamilah Baxter wrote:

    I love your playlist!!💕 I definitely agree that you can tell a lot about a person based off of their taste in music.

    Posted 1.9.18 Reply
    • Ah thank you Kamilah! Ah, yes – I definitely agree with you there! Thank you for stopping by and for commenting 🙂

      xo, P

      Posted 1.10.18 Reply
  3. Jennifer Haney wrote:

    I def recommend Ashley McBryde, Brett Young, Dustin Lynch, Jennifer Nettles, Carly Pearce and Jon Pardi….just a few of my faves 🙂

    Posted 1.9.18 Reply
    • OMG okay – you rock for sending in these suggestions! I’m so excited … about to go search their songs now. Thanks so much, Jennifer! SO appreciate you.

      xo, P

      Posted 1.10.18 Reply
  4. Alexis wrote:

    😍 obsessed with this bag.

    Posted 1.10.18 Reply
    • Ahhh! Thank you Alexis – I am too girl!

      xo, P

      Posted 1.10.18 Reply
  5. I just followed your blogger bestie, and found out she lives in college station, which ous she my brother lives. He is a student there! Anyway, I seriously enjoy yourIG and your blog! Can’twait to get to know Randa a little better thru her IG and blog.
    And what a wonderfully luxury giveaway!
    Green Acres Meets Paris

    Posted 1.10.18 Reply
    • OMG no way – what a small world! That’s so cool! You will love her 😉

      Thank you for stopping by and for following along girl!

      xo, P

      Posted 1.10.18 Reply
  6. Loving that playlist and that gorgeous Louis Vuitton makeup bag! What an iconic piece!

    Posted 1.10.18 Reply
    • Thank you so much girl! Right? Can never go wrong with LV!

      Thanks for commenting!

      xo, P

      Posted 1.10.18 Reply
  7. Melissa Stephens wrote:

    I’m allover the place with my music lol I’ll go 70s rock to 90s to a few of today’s hits so I love your list! It’s eclectic that’s a good thing Oo and ya I can’t simg either lol only if my kids have been bad lol jk Thank you for this incredible chance! Speaking of kids when you have 3 of them especially one with autism you give everything money wise and everything else to them as it should be buut sometimes it would be nice to have something beautiful just for me thank you so much again ♥️ @Melisastephens

    Posted 1.12.18 Reply
    • This is so sweet!

      Also, SAME!! I love older music a lot actually 🙂

      xo, P

      Posted 2.16.18 Reply