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Journey to 100K | love 'n' labels

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Sometimes, you gotta boss up and create your own lane.

When I started on this blogging journey 2 years ago, I never knew what it would turn into or how many wonderful people I would meet along the way. I never knew that taking a leap of faith into my “own lane” would lead me to today. I was SO nervous to take this blog full time almost a year later and even more afraid to become my own boss. But God lit up this “lane” so perfectly and practically stepped on the gas pedal for me to lead me in the right direction.

Yesterday, I experienced a really exciting stepping stone on my own blogging journey, and it was so surreal! When that little number at the top of my IG profile turned to 100K, I was reminded of how many precious souls I’m blessed to share this journey with. As soon as that number turned, you all began reaching out with the most heartfelt sentiments, and there are just no words to describe the joy and gratefulness I have in my heart, all because of my #LNL community. You all have truly made my entire week with your meaningful messages & comments! I’ve been reading every single one, and y’all continue to leave me speechless after every single one that I read!!

I think it’s so important to celebrate these victories along the way and even more important to say thank you to all of YOU who follow along every day! Yet, I also try to remind myself daily that it’s just a number. And I (nor you) are defined by a number on social media. A lot of people in this industry get so caught up in comparing their “numbers” to others’, and it’s a recipe for disaster. My sweet friend, @marinamcavoy, said it best when she sent a text saying, “what a milestone in the blogging community!!” I love that description of this type of celebration. It’s good to be excited about all of the long hours and hard work paying off, but don’t ever forget that whether you have 1K followers or 1M followers on social media, you can still inspire and make a positive difference in someone’s life every day.

While reflecting on all of this, I caught myself reminiscing on the past 2 years — all the great times, hard times & everything in between … there will be some along the way who may not fully support your goals. They may not understand. And they may even make fun of your efforts or say hurtful things to try and tear you down. Those aren’t your people .. BUT, there are also so many wonderful friends out there who are so proud of you & ready to stand beside you every step of the way. They will encourage you daily and be your loyal support system. These are your people, and God will reveal them to you!! Cling to them, cling to God & cling to your passion (whatever it may be). Don’t let anyone stop you!!!

Whether you’ve followed along with me since the very beginning or just started following along yesterday, I want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your constant support, love & encouragement. No words can say how much I appreciate each and every single one of you. I LOVE YOU ALL!

Now, go create your own lane, sister — you’ve got this!

xo, P

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