What to Wear to a Bachelorette Party

What to Wear to a Bachelorette Party | www.lovenlabels.com

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Can you guess what this post is about? 😉 Today, we’re talking about bachelorette parties, and more importantly, what to wear to them! I’ve recently received so many requests for a post going over all of my tips of what to wear (and perhaps, what not to wear) to a bachelorette party as a bridesmaid or friend of the bride.

I was one of the first ones in my friend group to get married, but I have also been in a few weddings as a bridesmaid as well, so I’ve seen both sides and have some great pointers to share with you all today — what to wear, how to act, what not to do … I’m covering it all!

What to Wear to a Bachelorette Party | www.lovenlabels.com What to Wear to a Bachelorette Party | www.lovenlabels.com

First and foremost, the colors you want to stay away from during a bachelorette weekend (if you are not the bride) are white, ivory, light blush, or anything remotely similar … unless of course the bride requests it (actually, this goes for all showers / wedding events where you’re not the bride). This is not your party or time to shine, but the beautiful thing is that you will get your time for that! (And trust me, the bride will most likely remember what you did for her throughout her wedding process when it comes time for your big day 🙂 ) Now, I know I know, it’s 2018 and a lot of people now think ‘traditions’ like these have died, but I’m here to speak completely from personal experience, and I can tell you that old souls like me think that is a special tradition to keep in place. During my time as a bride, I’d like to think that I was not a bridezilla or anything like that (mom, sis, friends, if you’re reading this you can let me know LOL!), but I did find it very respectful and looked at it as a very nice gesture when my girls allowed me to be the only one in white during my bachelorette weekend. Now, would I have kicked them to the curb and sent them home on the next flight if they had worn white? No, of course not! I just know how special they made me feel as a bride when they wanted me to have a time to shine, and that’s what a bachelorette weekend is all about — treating the bride like the queen she is (because we’re all queens ladies!!) for one last final fling together (before the groom has to take over the queen responsibilities, ha!) 😉

What to Wear to a Bachelorette Party | www.lovenlabels.com What to Wear to a Bachelorette Party | www.lovenlabels.com

Along with what not to wear to a bachelorette party, there’s how not to act. This is so important, ladies!

In your friend group, there’s most likely a mix of personalities, and sometimes when you have a group of strong women together for an entire weekend (plus, throw in some late nights), there is the potential for conflict. Let me tell you … if there’s one thing that the bride does not want, it’s this. It will completely ruin her mood for the weekend, and she’ll be ready to hop on the next flight home. I’ve heard so many stories about this from some of my friends, and I’ve personally been on bachelorette parties where this has happened. It usually ends up with the bride being in a horrible mood (or even in tears) and wanting to just go back to the hotel room immediately. What a terrible experience for her to have to remember her bachelorette weekend forever — that her ‘friends’ were so worried about themselves that they wanted to do their own thing, make it all about them, or even mock the bride’s decisions. Don’t be that one bad apple in the group! Support her, and go with the flow the entire trip, no matter if you would do it differently or not. Again, this isn’t about you (just being brutally honest). But, you will get your time to do it your way — that’s the beauty of it!

What to Wear to a Bachelorette Party | www.lovenlabels.com

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Now, let’s chat about outfits – this part is fun!!

We’ve all been out downtown in our cities at some point and seen a bachelorette party. They’re typically all dressed in similar outfits, sometimes even with obnoxiously fun props, etc. I personally think it’s so fun to get dressed up with the girls and be a little avant garde for the night. (It’s the one time that it’s completely acceptable!)

One of the most common trends for bachelorette parties right now is for the bridesmaids to wear all black outfits and the bride to be in white (or color of her choice). We did this for my bachelorette party one night and decided to add pink feather boas to our outfits (because let’s be real, this sassy pants over here loved the idea LOL). We were in New Orleans, so it definitely went with the theme of the trip! Another idea to add a pop to your outfits could be to add sashes that say “Bride” or “Bridesmaid” — you can find some here! My girls also put together a veil for me to wear with my sash one night, and I thought that was so sweet — I loved it!

If all black outfits aren’t your style, perhaps try a Fire & Ice theme where the bachelorette wears white and everyone else wears red. This could be something totally different than what other bachelorette parties may be doing in the same city that night!

Below, I’ve linked some of the best, all-black outfits for you all to shop from. I included lots of rompers because I feel like those are always safe to wear to a bachelorette party (that way everything stays in place all night 😉 ) and then of course a few dresses, as well!

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Now, I want to hear your thoughts! Do you have any unique bachelorette party outfit ideas? Also, what are your thoughts on what not to wear / how not to act during a bachelorette weekend? I’m opening up the comments below this post for a discussion on this topic, because I know a lot of women have different opinions. I’d love for you to share yours so that everyone who visits this post can have a few different pieces of advice on that matter.

Thanks for stopping by, babe!

xo, P

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