Friday Favorites: Sharing My Thoughts With YOU

One of my favorite things about this blog is that I get to share so many things with you all! I’m so grateful for your loyalty to love ‘n’ labels, and to know that I have someone like you out there who is being inspired in some way when they visit this site makes my heart really happy! I aim to make this a place for you to come and enjoy yourself – to escape the real world for even just a few minutes.

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When I first started the ‘Friday Faves’ segment on LNL, I wanted Fridays to kind of be like a wildcard. Basically, just sharing some of my favorite products and clothing with you (of course), but also opening up with you all, sharing personal stories and random things in my life that I love. It’s been a very interesting week for me, so today I just wanted to open up to y’all and share some things that have been on my mind during this whirlwind of a week that you may need to hear too. After all, most of us tend to struggle with a lot of the same things in life. Here are 5 thoughts that have been cooped up in my head recently, that all of us need to be reminded of from time to time:

We’re not in control.

Do you have a Type-A personality? Are you a control freak? It’s time to stop. The more you try to control every aspect of your life, the more disappointed you are going to be. Really, the only thing we have control over are the thoughts in our head. The rest lies in God’s hands. Take it from me … you can want something in life so terribly bad and give it your all, but if it is not a part of God’s plan for your life – it ain’t happening! Which is actually such a blessing in disguise, I promise. You can try to control everything and do things your own way then end up being miserable, or you can talk with the Big Man, let Him know all of your hearts’ desires and wishes, and ask Him to show you the right path to be on. Turn it over to God and allow Him to lead you toward to right path for your life, and I PROMISE you that all of your goals and dreams will fall into place.

I’ve been having a lot of convos with the Big Man lately, and He is just so incredibly faithful, you guys!! I promise … whatever you are worrying about or whatever is on your heart and mind right now, if you just lay it all in His hands, He will truly lead you down the road toward the life you have always wanted.

inspirational thoughts

Trust the process.

Since we are not in control of plans, we are definitely not in control of the timing of those plans. One of the hardest things for me in life is being patient. I’ve always been the ‘go-getter’ type of person, so when I want something, it’s like I want it now & I’ll do everything in my power to make it happen. Well, I’m sure I give God a few chuckles because He always takes over and makes things happen in HIS own time, not mine – which is actually the best timing. We may think that we are ready for something right this instant, but God knows us way better than we know ourselves. He’s not going to let us get ourselves into something at the wrong time, which I – my impatient lil self – am SO grateful for in the long run.

I’ve definitely had my patience tested lately – especially with this blog and with my career being in fashion. Both the blogging and fashion industries take quite awhile to get your foot in the right doors and to make a name for yourself. But … I’m so thankful for this because I’ve learned that I am able to be so much more patient than I thought I ever could be, and God has shown me a path for my life that I never imagined being on. One that I am so excited about every single day. I’ve turned over all of my trust and control to Him, and I can’t wait to see where He leads.

If you are struggling with a process in your life or wondering when God’s plans are going to happen for you, I urge you to join me in just trusting that God is working on it as you are reading this. I promise that if you have laid out your desires to Him and honestly want to follow the path that HE has for you, then He’ll make all of those plans happen at the perfect time. Sometimes when I start to get frustrated or feel myself getting impatient, I’ll just pray for a sign. It can be the smallest clue in the world, but it gives me so much hope and then, I smile because I know God is working!

inspirational thoughts

It’s okay to be vulnerable & share your feelings.

I used to be a very ‘hard’ person on the outside – not so much on the inside. And sometimes, I still struggle with this. It only took a couple rough patches in high school to really make me build up some strong walls, and I always struggled with this in college. Ask Teej – poor thing had to work hard to tear them down when we first started dating, lol! I’ve always had a big, sensitive heart my whole life. But I was really bad at ‘wearing my heart on my sleeve’ and showing my emotions. In a way, I felt like doing so would make me weak – especially while cheering in college. I’ve definitely had my battles with holding things in for way too long and bottling up way too many feelings.

Finally, as I’ve gotten older and gotten married, I’ve realized how amazing it is to let your feelings out and to not have walls up. The day I discovered this was one of the best days for me. I’ve found that when I can go let everything out – with my girlfriends, Teej, or my mom and sister – then I feel a million times better afterward. Not to mention, I then have so much more peace and clarity. This week especially, I was reminded of this, and it has been so refreshing!

So, if you are struggling with this, my advice is to set up a girls night with your bestie and have a good heart to heart over a glass of wine or cup of coffee. Or maybe you’re not to that point yet – that’s okay! Talk to the Big Man – He’s the best listener! Even if you just need to close your door, turn on music and cry it out … sister, go for it. It’s okay to shed a few tears. All in all, just let it all out – however you have to do it. I promise you will feel so much better after!

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We’re never guaranteed tomorrow. 

This is a reminder that we all need to hear often, but we probably don’t hear it quite enough. Nothing really ever prepares us for the unknown, but if we can try to remember that we are never guaranteed tomorrow, then maybe we would all spread more love, laugh harder, care more, have more fun, and enjoy the little moments.

My little hometown was completely rocked this week with a sudden passing of one of the greatest people in our community. No one was expecting this to happen. My friend, Audra, was only 29 years old. She was the type of person that you could be in the worst mood then you run into Audra, and she instantly puts a smile on your face. She was a lover of life and SO beautiful inside and out. Audra had a pure heart of gold, and she will be so missed!

 Losing loved ones is never easy, and my heart is broken for her sweet family. Please join me in praying for them and for our whole community who was touched by her in so many ways.

Be sure to go hug your loved ones real tight tonight! I’m sending you a big hug right now because you all mean the world to me. xo!

inspirational thoughts

Start living life to the fullest.

This quote says it all. You are in control of your happiness. If you are not happy with where you are at in life right now, then start right now working your way toward your goals to get the life you want to have. Flashback to the first thought on this post … We’re not in control of how everything turns out, but we are in control of turning our lives in a different direction.

Life is short. Cliche? Yes. But true. Don’t settle, beautiful girl!! You are so important to God, and He wants you to live your life to the absolute fullest! He rejoices in our happiness.

inspirational thoughts

Everything will fall into place – I promise! 😉 Turn it all over the the Big Guy, trust the process and be patient, don’t hide your feelings and desires, live life to the fullest because we are never guaranteed another day here on Earth, and most of all – be thankful. Always remember where your blessings come from and accept them with a grateful heart!

Thank you for spending some time with me today to just be my friend to talk to. I love that I’m able to open up and share things with you guys. You are great listeners. 😉 Hope you all have an amazing weekend! Does anyone have exciting plans?

xo, P

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  1. Liz wrote:

    I love this so much! I’m a total type A and letting go is so difficult. Trying to wrestle with God over who’s in control is something I do everyday and He always wins out haha

    Posted 1.14.17 Reply
    • Girl – I totally understand. Definitely a daily struggle with me sometimes too. Until I have a day when I just give it all to Him and then everything just works out so well. Why didn’t I try that in the first place, right?! Ha 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by Liz!!

      xo – P

      Posted 1.14.17 Reply
  2. Nikki wrote:

    Absolutely LOVE this! I had a similar realization recently. I am in control of my happiness, but I can’t control everything. I just need to be able to find the silver lining in every situation and know it was in God’s plan. Thank you for sharing Peyton!

    XOXO Nikki

    Posted 1.14.17 Reply
    • Absolutely Nikki! His plan is always the best plan, even if we don’t completely understand right at that moment. It will always lead us down the right path! 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope this helps you as much as it does me.

      xo – P

      Posted 1.14.17 Reply
  3. Victoria wrote:

    Honestly – this is everything I needed to read today. I’m not happy where I am right now and am contemplating making a move…this was super inspiring – Thanks girl!

    Please please please add this to our linkup! I’d love for more people to check it out!


    Posted 1.14.17 Reply
    • Aw Victoria – you are so precious! I’m so glad this helped. I was hoping and praying that someone who needed to hear these things would end up here today! I will definitely add it to linkup! Great idea. 🙂

      xo – P

      Posted 1.14.17 Reply
  4. Deepti wrote:

    So true, I started blogging for the same reason, we get so share whats in our hearts through our blogs. This is a really thoughtful post. I really enjoyed reading it!

    Deepti xx |

    Posted 1.15.17 Reply
    • Absolutely! Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

      xo – P

      Posted 1.15.17 Reply
  5. love this post! xx

    Posted 1.16.17 Reply