Current Skincare Routine + Tips for a Healthy Glow

rodan + fields redefine face wash routine

Does anyone else’s skin kind of ‘freak out’ during the colder winter months? Maybe it’s just me, but my skin isn’t super crazy about winter. It loves the warmer months!

I’ve been receiving loads of questions from you all about my skincare routine, so I wanted to share this post to update y’all on what I’ve been doing recently to keep my skin looking and feeling healthy – especially this time of year! Along with everyone’s New Years resolutions of eating healthy, I wanted to point out that taking care of your skin is just as important!

I have tested out so many of the Rodan + Fields products (skincare regimens, self-tanner, moisturizers, eye cream, serums, masks, etc.) over the past year & a half and I have fallen totally in love with this brand. I can honestly say that I don’t know if I will ever stray from R+F – it’s just that good.

There are four different skincare regimens (including a facewash, toner, moisturizer in each), and the first regimen that I tried to see if I wanted to buy my own R+F skincare was the one called Reverse (read more about this product HERE). My mom had it and told me that I had to try it because it was so good. She noticed such a huge difference in her skin just after one week – and I noticed a difference on her too, so I definitely wanted to test it out. I used her Reverse for a week or so and really loved it. However, for the type of skin that I had at the time, I knew that I probably needed a different regimen to begin with – one that would help with blemishes. So, I ordered the one called Unblemish (read more about Unblemish HEREand used it prior to my wedding. I knew that I wanted clear, healthy skin for the most important day of my life, and R+F gave me just that. I continued using Unblemish for a few months after my wedding and even incorporated the Soothe (more info on Soothe HEREregimen during the summer months because my skin gets really dry anytime I am out in the sun (no matter how much sunscreen I use).  I’ve also used Soothe on rashes / irritated skin & it seriously works MIRACLES. I’ve seen where some moms of young children have used the Soothe moisturizer on their babies to help with rashes as well!

Then once I ran out of Unblemish (I still have some Soothe left!) & it was time to reorder (ps – the product lasts forever!), I decided to try a different regimen. Y’all know that I like to switch up my mascara and my shampoo every once in awhile because I just feel like my lashes / hair get ‘bored’ … well same with my skincare. I just feel like when I am able to switch up my routine every now and then, my skin is even more refreshed and reset. If you are the same way, then you would looove R+F because there are four different sets of skincare to choose from – all from the same brand. My most recent (and current) routine consists of the Redefine set of products – and I think it’s my most favorite regimen of all! Read the FAQs about it HERE, and then come walk through the steps with me (below):

rodan + fields redefine face wash routine

First, I start with the Daily Cleansing Mask. This product is clay-based, and it dries in 2 minutes – drawing all the impurities from your pores without taking the essential moisture out of your skin. I love this product because it’s sort of a 2 in 1. You can use it as strictly a mask, where you can put it on your DRY face (no water) and let it set in just like a mask. Wait for about 10 minutes and then rinse it off with cool water. Or you can use it as your regular face wash exfoliator. For that option, I just wet my hands (with lukewarm water) and rub a dime-size amount onto my face & neck, then rinse and pat it all dry with a soft towel. Your skin will feel so smooth after this step!

rodan + fields redefine face wash routine

The second step is the Pore Minimizing Toner (which I always need because I hate when you can see my pores at the end of the day). This toner is alcohol-free. It tightens up all of your pores, while gentle poly-hydroxy acids exfoliate pore-clogging dead skin cells. I just use a cotton ball or gauze pad from the drugstore to apply this all over my face and my neck. Then, let it dry on its own.

rodan + fields redefine face wash routine


Then, after the toner dries, I apply this Triple Defense Treatment evenly on my face and neck (It feels and acts much like your daily facial moisturizer). It is so hydrating, but does not leave your skin looking super oily. After it dries, then I am all set to begin my makeup process for the day!

rodan + fields redefine face wash routine


Then, after step 2 when the toner dries, I would come straight to this step & apply an even amount of the Overnight Restorative Cream to my face and neck (skipping the AM moisturizer – obvi if it is at night!). This ultra-hydrating cream replenishes all of your skin’s natural moisturizing factors while you sleep so that you wake up to firmer, less-lined skin. After this dries –> sweet dreams! 😉

rodan + fields redefine face wash routine

IF IT’S AT NIGHT (option 2):

This option is an extra add-on to the products listed above, but it is beyond worth the investment! About 2 to 3 times per week during my nightly routine, I will skip the Overnight Restorative Cream and come to this step after the toner dries. I LOVE THIS ROLLER!!

The AMP MD Micro-Exfoliating Roller contains stainless steel micro-exfoliating tips to safely condition the skin, in which the products that are being applied to the skin are fully maximized. Basically, you gently roll this roller all over your face and it opens up the uppermost layer of your skin so that these products can be super effective deep into all the layers of your skin. This add-on came with a storage container and tablets for properly cleansing the roller.

rodan + fields redefine face wash routine

The Night Renewing Serum also came in the package with the AMP MD Micro-Exfoliating Roller. I love this serum because it comes pre-packaged in the perfect amount that you will need for each use – making your product last even longer. After I finish rolling my face, I take one of the pre-packaged serums into my fingertips and spread it all over my face and neck areas. Oh, so soft! Your face will feel like a baby’s skin!

This serum contains a blend of peptides and retinol to visibly improve skin texture and firmness. It also reduces the appearance of wrinkles – wooo! 

After this serum, you can apply the PM Overnight Restorative Cream, but sometimes I will just let the serum be the last step, depending on if my skin feels like it needs to be more moisturized.

rodan + fields redefine face wash routine

The last part of this package that I got is the Redefine Acute Care. This is something great when you are focusing on reducing and smoothing wrinkles. I really looove this product! It’s not something that I do every single day. I’d recommend doing this step only once per week or once every other week – depending on your own skin.

Before applying the Acute Care, you have to cleanse your face really well with the Daily Cleansing Mask. You cannot put any other product on your face underneath the Acute Care. Open the pouch and remove the white protective film. Then, you’ll place the Acute Care on your wrinkles, press the adhesive against your skin, and continue with the rest of your PM skincare routine – avoiding the area around the Acute Care. Yes, you sleep in this!

In the morning when removing, you will need to remove the residue with an eyecloth (R+F has some great ones or even the drugstore kind will work). Then continue with your daily AM routine.

I do want to point out that you can certainly use more than one regimen at a time (i.e. one in the morning, a different one at night) – like when I was using Unblemish and Soothe together last summer. For example, someone who has dullness, sun damage or a lot of skin discolorations might want to use the Reverse at night to get rid of all dark spots and then Redefine in the morning to firm up the skin!

I love love love all things Rodan + Fields, and I’m so excited that I have gotten to test out so many of their products to share with you all! I really think you would be so happy with any of their products. I know of several men who religiously use R+F as well, so it’s great for the guys too! I’m also literally obsessed with their self-tanner, so I’ll be sharing that in a later post for you all!

You can buy every product that Sephora has, and none of it will look as amazing as it should unless you have a clean, healthy palette to apply the makeup on. My skin is not perfect and it never will be, but I am a firm believer that beautiful skin = beautiful makeup. It all starts with your natural face. And speaking of natural, how amazing it feels when you are comfortable to go out with a completely bare face for all to see! When you have healthy skin, you want to show it off sometimes, right? Or maybe it’s just one of those days that you don’t feel like putting on makeup. With R+F, you really don’t have to. I promise – because I’ve done that many times myself!

Since I have had my own battles over the years with trying to achieve healthy, glowing skin, I have tried so many products and ‘tricks’ to find the secret to skin success. After much trial and error, I have found a few quick tips that go along with achieving healthy skin:

1. Always wash your face at night – no matter how exhausted you are.

2. Train yourself to sleep on your back – Over time, a nightly face plant into your pillow will cause creases that’ll eventually become permanent.

3. Always rinse your face with cool/cold water – SUPER important. This closes up your pores after cleansing.

4. Use sunscreen EVERYDAY –  even if you are not going outdoors for a long period of time. This will keep you from getting tons of wrinkles. I use to drown my face in the sun and finally I’ve realized how terrible that is for your skin. Super tan skin is not really the biggest trend anymore like it was a few years ago. I like some color on my face, but instead of letting the sun torture it, I now just use a good bronzer or my contour kit. 😉

5. Stop picking at your face – harsh, but true! Trust me, I’ve been there done that. It’s so much easier to get rid of a blemish if you just treat it with the right products (aka Unblemishand leave it alone.

6. Use an eye cream even if you are only 13 years old. It’s never too early to begin using an eye cream because even if you don’t have wrinkles yet, this type of product will keep you from even getting them in the first place. Take care of your youthful skin. It’s much easier to prevent them than try to get rid of them. If you are just starting to use eye cream or you need one to reduce your wrinkles asap, I highly recommend THIS ONE!

7. Use a face mask at least once per week – I actually use this cleanser as a face mask about half of the week and let it soak into my skin. The rest of the week I use the cleanser as just a normal face wash to mix it up a bit. Using a mask every once in awhile draws out all of the impurities sitting deep in your skin.

8. Be gentle when applying your makeup – I used to be the worst at this. I realized that part of my problem for random blemishes in the past was the fact that I was pounding my face while applying my makeup. This is so terrible for your face because the makeup will then sink even deeper into your pores – yuck! My mom always told me to be more gentle, lol – I guess Mama’s always know best right? 😉 Why does it take so long for us to actually listen to them??

Do you all have any tips for skincare that I am missing out on? PLEASE let me know if so! I love learning new things from you all to try out in my own life. If you have any questions regarding any of the Rodan + Fields products or anything skincare related, just shoot me a message HERE or on Insta .. or comment below! Thanks so much for stopping by – & remember, you are so beautiful!!

xo, P

If you are at all interested in becoming a Preferred Customer (PC) of Rodan + Fields (meaning you get up to [somtimes more than] 10% off everything + free shipping), you can visit their website HERE to learn how! For more information on becoming a PC or info on consultant pricing and sales, please contact Pam Rohde.

**In collaboration with Pamela Rohde of Rodan + Fields. Thank you for partnering on today’s post!

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    Can I use unblemish and soothe? I have very sensitive, red skin but I also have unwanted bumps on my forehead.

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