Friday Favorites: Glam

Happy Friday, pretty! After many hours of wondering how in the world I can possibly share with you guys all that I want to share in a week, I came to the decision to start a new segment on love ‘n’ labels. I just feel like I have so many fun things that I want to relay to you all every week, so I thought … why not start a weekly segment sharing some of my favorite things with you?! I love when people share new products with me so I’m just going to pass it on to y’all!

Friday Favorites: Glam Edition

Throughout my Friday Favorites, I plan to share about anything and everything that I think you all will enjoy reading about, purchasing or using throughout your everyday lives – and I will be completely upfront, thorough & honest about all of these (ratings, experiences, etc … I genuinely appreciate a true rating so I understand!).

My first Friday Fave:


I’ve recently fallen in love with a few beauty products that I use on a daily basis – no joke. So, y’all may like to try out some of these as well.

1. Fave 4 Texture Takeover

YALLLL. I cannot say enough good things about this product. I personally bought this product the first time because, let’s be real, I’m a HUGE Jessie James Decker fan (btw – this is one of her products), and I had seen a ton of hair tutorials where this product was used to give your hair some oomph. (I’m from the South y’all … we like big hair.) Of course, when I first tried it out, I expected it to work, but I def did not think it would be as good as it is for the price that it is at. Basically, put dry shampoo + hairspray + the most amazing smelling perfume together & you have Fave 4 Texture Takeover. I have used this to spray on my wet hair before I dry to give it a more natural lift, to style my already dry hair with more oomph for some ‘second day hair’ and then, FOR SURE, when I am teasing or backcombing my hair. What I am getting at … IT’S AMAZING PEOPLE. Get. It. Now!

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Pressed – Powder Contour Kit

This product is another one of my all time faves. I have been using this kit for about two years now, and I still haven’t found something that I love as much as this to contour. This kit stays on throughout the entire day (trust me … I used it for two years throughout my HOT, all day long gamedays cheering at UT), and it acts as a foundation in itself. I use a light amount of foundation before applying this contour kit on most days, but occasionally I will use just my ‘Anastasia lifesaver’ – aka this kit ha! I always buy the light to medium shades for my lighter skin tones, and I hardly ever use the darker colors as much as I do the lighter colors. I ALWAYS run out of the top middle banana color because it is SOO GOOD under your eyes. The best thing about it? You can order individual colors once you run out of a certain insert instead of having to buy the entire kit over and over again for one color. You won’t regret buying this, but BE WARNED – you will fall in love. All my girlfriends always ask me to use this kit to contour their face & the reaction everytime … ‘Ooooh, I look dang good!’ 🙂

3. Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

Okay, gotta give props to my friend, Molly, with Golly Miss Molly for this one because she whipped out this lotion one day, and I about DIED because it smelled so good. I ordered it instantly and have been in love ever since. Technically, I think it is actually for your bum bum (to firm and such, you know the drill..), but I honestly put it everywhere just because it hydrates my skin so well and smells ABSOLUTELY amazing!! (I sure hope I get real firm EVERYWHERE ha!) Best thing – they have a sample size, so you can try it out to see if you like it before spending the extra buck for the full size. Woot woot!

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills: Master Palette by Mario

Honestly, I just recently got this palette in the mail, but I have worn it everyday since and I am already in love. Although I haven’t worn it for months or years yet, I still wanted to share it as a current fave because they are selling out so fast! Nordstrom and Sephora were already sold out when I last checked, but hopefully they will restock soon! For now, I found it at Macy’s and linked it for y’all. TONS of warm fall colors and some colors that will go great for the upcoming holidays.

5. Rodan + Fields Self Tanner

Okay. This stuff is a game changer & I’ve been a religious user of it recently since I have officially lost my summer glow. I’m sure by now you have heard of Rodan + Fields. (If not, contact me & I will fill you in.) I was hesitant before trying R+F, but I started using one of the face regimens (**see below) – fell in love with it after seeing the great results – and now I am trying out a different regimen on my face while also consistently using this self tanner. I used to be an avid user of Natural Glow (& that smell … ugh), but now I use Rodan + Fields Self Tanner & it is not only gives you the FASTEST result, but it also doesn’t make you want to plug your nose like other self tanners out there. What I love most about it is that you can see great results overnight – it’s pretty instant. My mom actually sells Rodan + Fields, so if you ever have any questions about it, we can help you out! It’s seriously SUCH a great price for the quality that it gives you. You can’t beat a smooth tan + it is SO much safer than the tanning bed! Trust me, I am totally guilty of getting my tan in a bed, but this year, I won’t even have to think about it thanks to this amazing stuff.

**Some of y’all have asked what face regimens I have used from R+F. I started out with Unblemish to get rid of any breakouts & now, I’m currently using Redefine. I have also taken Soothe for a test run in the summer when my face was dried out from the sun, so if you tend to have very dry skin, definitely look into Soothe too! I use a few other facial tools from R+F now as well, so i am planning on doing a whole facial regimen post for y’all very soon!

6. L’Oreal Voluminous Primer 7. Maybelline Volum’ Express Falsies Mascara & 8. CoverGirl Supersizer Fibers Mascara

I LOVE THIS COMBO. I combined all of these because this is the order I use them everyday & I have recently had a lot of you guys asking what mascara I have been using. I typically switch up my mascara routine pretty often because I feel like my eyelashes just get a little bored after awhile of using the same ole thing. So, I have recently changed to this combo & it’s AMAZING (+ ya gotta love the drugstore pricing). First, I start with this primer. It is so easy to forget about primer, but it can truly make such a difference in your mascara. I apply two coats of primer. Then I apply one to two coats (depending on how dramatic I want my lashes that day) of the Falsies mascara to use as my main mascara. Lastly, I apply the CoverGirl Supersizer Fibers Mascara to get out any clumps and further lengthen my lashes. This combo has been working out so well for me recently so I will prob stick with it for awhile. I am a mascara snob 😉

Well, that’s it for this Friday Fave, so I hope y’all enjoyed reading a little something different on love ‘n’ labels. Let me know in the comments below or send me a message if y’all enjoyed it. I’d also love to hear about any of your favorite products you have been using for awhile so that I can try them out!! Have a fab Friday & a great weekend ladies!

xo – Peyton

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