Faux Leather, Faux Fur, Real Flare







Of course, we had to get a picture of one of my fave Knoxville landmarks 🙂







BLOUSE: Free People (sold out but similar styles HERE [just got this one in ivory – looove!] & HERE) | VEST: Cracker Barrel (duplicate HERE since the ‘Old Country Store’ serves a lot more dumplings than they do fur vests) | SHORTS: Zara (got this pair last season – similar style HERE & HERE) | BOOTS: Nordstrom (25% OFF right now) | EARRINGS: Bauble Bar ($16 OFF right now) | EVERYDAY NECKLACE: Kate Spade | LIPS: Mac (my go-to lipstick 95% of the time)

Leather and fur have been and always will be two of my favorite things to wear. Add some flared, bell-sleeves & a thigh high boot to the combo, and now we’re really talkin’. I love the edgy, yet chic style that this look gives. Leather will always be sure to give your outfit some edge, and I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t absolutely worn out these Zara high-waisted shorts (Zara is my JAM you guys – check it out! They even have an adorable kids line.) I got them last year & I wear them throughout ALL four seasons which means that I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth. End of spring, all summer long & throughout the fall, I bare my legs and wear them with heels or boots of some sort. In the early spring and throughout winter, I love wearing them with some textured tights underneath – it adds an even more chic style to the entire look, annnnd it’s practical since you won’t have to worry about having chill bumps as your accessories. 😉

Speaking of leather … THESE BOOTS Y’ALL. My husband got these for me last Christmas and believe it or not, they are extremely comfortable for heels. They hug your ankle so that it’s easier to walk on the stiletto, which I love. Gotta take a moment to appreciate when you find some (semi) comfy heels! They go great over any type of skinny jeans, with tights, and with any type of skirt/dress/shorts. I don’t know about y’all, but I am totally in love with the over-the-knee look that a lot of the boots have these days.

I got this Free People blouse a few months ago on the sale rack. (I love a good deal!) I love it even more here recently because all things flare is so ‘in’ right now. It’s technically cropped but with these high-waisted shorts, I just tucked the front of the top in a little bit so that it tailored the look a little more. Speaking of high-end trends right now, I added some Bauble Bar tassel earrings to finish it all off. I LOVE BAUBLE BAR! If you haven’t shopped this brand before, I highly recommend that you go to their website for all your statement accessory needs. All of their products have such great quality at affordable prices (not to mention, the earrings I am wearing in this post are ON SALE right now!). My ears are very sensitive to heavy earrings, so that is something I always worry about when ordering earrings online. These are heavier than some that I would normally wear, but honestly, I have worn them a couple times already and they haven’t bothered me a bit (YAY!).

And ladies, let’s just go ahead and address the big elephant in the room … you read it completely right. I found this adorable faux fur vest at the Cracker Barrel of all places – did anyone else know they even had cute clothes?! And even better, I got it for under $60! I was shocked when I walked into the Old Country Store last winter and found a plethora of stylish fur vests, and needless to say, I wasn’t able to leave without one (#FurFanatic). Since then, I’ve made sure to keep my eye out for some new finds every time I go there to get my ‘southern cooking’ fix. I have found a couple of cute scarves there as well! Moral of the story: You never know where you may find your next favorite piece to add to your wardrobe and really, WHO CARES where it came from or if it is even a ‘name brand’ … my motto is, if it is cute and it fits into my personal style, then I can pair it with other stylish pieces and get that big city, street style look at a more affordable price. It’s all about how you wear & style certain pieces together. Now … don’t get me wrong, I like to occasionally treat myself to a luxury piece. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that when you work hard for that addition to your wardrobe, however, your closet certainly does not have to revolve around ONLY luxury brands, in order to look and feel fashionable. There are truly hidden treasures everywhere in the fashion world … just keep your eyes open and go with what YOU would love to wear.




That’s all for now, lovelies! If you have any questions or would like to share some of YOUR stylish hidden treasures, just leave a comment or head on over to my contact page. I’d love to chat with you!

xo – Peyton

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