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  1. Thank you so much for this post! My friend and I are just starting out and definitely look up to the expierenced gals like you! Your feed isn’t beautiful but i can see why so many people follow your generous heart! Thank you again @ourislandkids 😘

    Posted 4.28.18 Reply
  2. Aimee wrote:

    You are an amazing young woman! Love your style and am learning so much from these blogging 101 posts!!! Growing over here @ultimateswimlog (and it’s not even in the same industry! Lol)-aimee

    Posted 4.28.18 Reply
  3. Becca wrote:

    Payton, this article is amazing! I’ve been doing research on blogging since I started my own a few years ago but this is the MOST informative one I’ve read! Thank you for being so honest about what works and what doesn’t instead of keeping it a secret!

    Posted 4.28.18 Reply
  4. Hi, I just discovered you through Julie Solomon and I’m so glad I did! This the first post on your blog I read and it’s so informative to new bloggers like myself. Thank you so much. Now I’m off to stalk your IG ☺️🤗

    Posted 5.21.18 Reply
  5. Natalie wrote:

    I really enjoyed and appreciated reading this. It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed or just lose patience trying to grow my following. Since reading this I’ve spent more time engaging and it has helped so much already. Thanks for
    Being so helpful and sharing these tips.

    Posted 6.18.18 Reply