Trending Color: Dusty Rose

Well if you haven’t heard it a MILLION times already, here you go:

Dusty rose is the color for spring! It’s coming in hot this season in every way imaginable … fashion, weddings, decor. You name it and a blush-toned color is probably involved in some sort of way.

When I went to Market in Atlanta a few weeks ago, everythingggg was available to buy in the color dusty rose. This particular color was actually really popular with weddings a couple of years ago – you know, when the blush, gold tones were so in. And now, everything you come across is rose-colored or at least, rose gold. I mean really, who doesn’t love rose gold???

Dusty Rose Top | love 'n' labels Dusty Rose Top | love 'n' labels Dusty Rose Top | love 'n' labels Dusty Rose Top | love 'n' labels Dusty Rose Top | love 'n' labels Dusty Rose Top | love 'n' labels www.lovenlabels.comDusty Rose Top | love 'n' labels Dusty Rose Top | love 'n' labels

Shop my look:


I actually bought this exact top in Atlanta while I was there for Market, and just the other day, I found that it was on sale for $6.00 – true story. I posted it on my Insta for you all, but unfortunately it sold out so quickly since it was such a great deal. 🙁 Buuuut … it’s back!!! Yay! So many of you asked me where to get it, so HERE is the link to buy it! It’s not on sale anymore but it’s stocked in all sizes right now and is only $30! Get it wooo!

Anyways … back to the trends! Dusty rose is THE COLOR to have in your wardrobe for the upcoming months. We saw it on the runways of NYFW, and I’ve seen it all over Market in ATL. Every vendor knows that this is basically the hottest color in fashion right now, so they are pushing it hard to all of your favorite retailers, and I guarantee that you will start seeing it everywhere within the next month or so, if you haven’t noticed the reoccurrence of the trend already. You won’t hear me complaining about this though because light pink and blush tones are some of my favorite colors to wear and to decorate with. My inner girly girl is screaming with excitement, haha!

So, how do you plan on incorporating this color into your wardrobe? I know a lot of shoes are starting to come in dusty rose (specifically some that are on their way to my house, ha!), so I think blush-toned accessories are definitely a smart way to incorporate this color too. I also linked a rose-color Storets top above that I’m totally OBSESSED with and is on my list of things to buy!

I’d love for you to tag me in your Insta posts (or your InstaStories) if you find the perfect dusty rose pieces! I’ve been using InstaStories a lot more recently than Snapchat, so be sure to follow me there too so that you don’t miss out on anything. I still use my Snap, but just not as much as Instagram! Love you guys – have a fab day!!

xo, P

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