Friday Favorites: ‘Me’ Time

It’s Friyay! Hallelujah! Today I wanted to share a little bit about myself so that you all can get to know the person behind LNL just a little better. As you know, every Friday I share about one of my ‘favorite’ things, whether it be fashion-related or not. It’s kind of the day to let my readers get to know me – Peyton – a little better or to share some of my favorite products, etc.

So, with that said … I wanted to share with you about one of the things in my daily life that I just can’t live without. And I think everyone needs this in their lives everyday (even if it’s for only a couple minutes). I’m talking about my ‘me’ time.

LNL love 'n' labels: friday favorites - me time LNL love 'n' labels: friday favorites - me time

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‘Me’ time is something that I refer to as having at least a couple of minutes everyday to just sit down by myself for a second and decompress, relax, chill. It could be anything really: a bubble bath, quiet time with God, cooking or baking, or even just sitting down and preparing my blog for the next day over a cup of coffee or some vino. Last night, the last option won. And I was stuffing Christmas cards at the same time (sneak peak in the pics above … Teej and I were so so excited to order our very first Christmas cards this year 🙂 ). It was so relaxing and calming for me to just be in my element for a few minutes, especially after such a long day.

I’ll be completely honest .. yesterday was kind of a tough one! It was just one of those days. (We’ve all been there!) Not necessarily a bad day by any means, but definitely a loooong one. Once I finally got home around 9:30pm, I was about to sit down and write about my Friday Fave that I had planned to write for today, but after the long, drawn out day, I just decided to document exactly what I was doing and be real about one of my favorite parts of my days. So, today I’m opening up to share this must-have moment in my daily life. It’s not necessarily a want, but a true need – for me. I always just feel so much better and can accomplish so much more after this ‘moment away from the rest of the world’, you could say.

I guess I developed this practice while I was in college … I would always have my ‘me’ time either before our super early morning workouts/cheer practices or in the evenings right before I was about to start on loads of studying. For me, it’s kind of just a refresher for myself. A reboot, if you will! I just found that if I take 5 minutes away from the world, I can be a much better version of myself after that.

During this busy time of year, I encourage you that when the going gets tough or while you are running around like crazy just trying to tie up all the loose ends before the holidays, that you would try this having some ‘you’ time and see if it helps you in any way! I really think it will. 😉 It’s OKAY to step away from the world every once in awhile. If you need that time to yourself to then be a better version of yourself after the fact, then go for it! If you’re not at least trying to be the best version of yourself everyday, then wouldn’t that kind of be a waste of time? Somedays, we might not fully succeed at that, but all we can do is try …

… So, on most days, one of my ‘tries’ is my ‘me’ time. 😉

Thanks for stopping by, beautiful! I hope you have a fab Friday and a wonderful weekend!

xo, P

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