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One day away from the weekend, ladies – we can do this! 😉

I’m sure a lot of you all just got done traveling for the holidays, and maybe you’re like, “Just let me stay home for .5 seconds before we start traveling again!!” – buuuut I have seen a ton of people already starting their 2017 travel bucket lists! Also with Valentine’s Day on it’s way, I know there will be a lot of trips happening soon, so I wanted to share some comfy, travel style tips with you. I always use these tips when I am traveling (via plane or car), and they just help make for a more enjoyable trip, wherever your destination may be.

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1. Layer, layer, layer … that way you can adjust to the temperature wherever you are leaving from and whatever destination you are arriving at. Not to mention, on the car or plane ride there, you’ll be much more comfortable if you have the option of those extra layers if you are like me and you start to freeze. Or on the other hand, if you are burning up running through the airport (because you’re running late, like me obvi) then you will have the option to take a few layers off. I always opt to layer up instead of wearing one big, huge coat when traveling because whether I am running through the airport or I am packed up in the car, it can get annoying having to lug around a big coat and then find places for it to lay while you are not wearing it.

2. Say YES to scarves! Depending on where I am traveling to, I will most likely be wearing a scarf or have one in my carry-on. They will quickly become your best friend when traveling because not only will they keep you cozy & warm, but they can also be used as a quick and easy blanket or pillow. Not to mention, they also just make your outfits look a lot cuter, so there ya have it. Enough reasoning in that alone! 😉

3. Take a large carry-on. This is actually my longest-standing travel tradition, if you will. I’ve always been one to throw a ton of things in my carry-on at the last minute – are all of us girls like that? I have found it so much easier to have at least something big enough to hold my iPad and/or laptop, along with my scarf, a lightweight cardi, a beanie / hat, a small bit of makeup, my wallet / passport, chargers, a book, some mini’s from Sephora (hairspray, dry shampoo, etc.) … ya know, the essentials 😉 It’s just so much easier whenever you have all the (what I like to call) necessities all in one place instead of wanting or needing something out of your larger suitcase that you have already sent on to the plane, lol. Now, I do say ‘carry-on’ meaning an oversized purse or weekender type of bag. I usually take that and a large suitcase – depending on the length of the trip – but I have been known to overpack. So, all of you people who carry a smaller suitcase as your carry-on and can fit everything for the trip in there: Props to YOU .. please come and teach me your ways!

4. Wear comfy, ‘easy’ shoes. Whether it’s a car or a plane, I always try to wear slip-on shoes of some sort … simply because they are easy to take on & off. Going through security at the airport is way more pleasant & riding in a car on your road trip is way more comfortable when you can just slide your shoes off and on. Also, leave the stilettos in your suitcase for later that night – you may hate yourself when it is ‘later’ if you don’t wear comfortable shoes traveling that day! These Uggs or these slip-on flats are my go-to’s.

5. Invite your fave beanie! Or small-ish hat. Y’all know that I am a hat lady anyways, lol, but I for sure am whenever I am going on a trip somewhere! Needless to say, we have all been there when we get off the plane or wake up from our nap during our roadtrip, go into the bathroom to look in the mirror & find our hair looking all kinds of crazy. So, that’s when I will just grab my beanie or ball cap out of my carry-on & instantly, my personal appearance and my #ootd look 10x better. Problem solved!

Does anyone have any fun trips planned out for 2017 already? Or have you been somewhere already?? Teej and I are still in the process of finding a place that we want to travel to as part of our Christmas presents to each other, so I’d love to hear any recommendations you guys have. Thank you so much for sharing and for stopping by for some LNL love!

xo, P

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