The Trend You Can’t Live Without

It’s finally almost here … Thanksgiving! So, that also means it’s time for LOTS of good food and some Black Friday deals. This week, I’ll be on the lookout everyday for the best fashionable Black Friday sales for y’all and keep you posted.

Until then, I wanted to share about the trend that you just cannot live without this season (incase you need to add to your Christmas wishlist). It has made an appearance a few times in past years for the fashionistas who like to step outside of the box, but now, the trend has officially exploded and people everywhere are jumping on board QUICK! Some of you may think that you are ‘too old’, ‘not stylish enough’, or ‘not cool enough’ for this trend (I hear people saying this all the time), but I promise there are so many different styles of it out there that make it possible to accommodate this trend to everyone’s individual taste.

I’m talking about …

over-the-knee boots

(aka – ‘OTK boots’ … or in this case, thigh-high boots)

LNL love n labels: thigh high velvet bootsLNL love n labels: thigh high velvet boots LNL love n labels: thigh high velvet boots LNL love n labels: thigh high velvet boots LNL love n labels: thigh high velvet boots LNL love n labels: thigh high velvet boots LNL love n labels: thigh high velvet boots LNL love n labels: thigh high velvet boots LNL love n labels: thigh high velvet bootsLNL love n labels: thigh high velvet boots

DETAILS: otk/thigh high velvet boots | black turtleneck | black leggings | similar vest (also love this one but maj splurge) | Tory Burch cross-body | Henri Bendel sunnies – similar here | necklace | cuff | earrings | David Yurman bangle | Tory Burch bangle | lips

Santa brought me a pair of flat black OTK Tory Burch boots a couple of years ago for Christmas and then last year, Santa brought me a different pair of OTK (or rather, thigh-high) black stiletto boots (that are featured in this post). So, needless to say .. my obsession with this trend began early on and has only grown stronger as it has gotten more popular.

What I personally love so much about OTK boots is the fact that you can wear them with pants, leggings, a dress, skirt and shorts. There are literally so many ways to style them with your wardrobe. Depending on the heel height, you can also dress them up or down which is always nice. I love versatile pieces like that.

Another thing that is so great about this particular trend is that there are so many different individual styles of over-the-knee boots for many different ages and sizes. One thing’s for sure when it comes to OTK boots is that you have to be careful when selecting what style is best for you. For instance, I am 5’7″ and these velvet boots I am wearing are not just over-the-knee. They are definitely considered ‘thigh-highs’ as well. If one of my shorter, more petite girlfriends (which let’s be real, they are all teeny tiny) was to get these, they would probably reach their belly button lol! (No, but seriously, they are itty bitty people!) So obviously, if you are on the shorter side of the scale, then you want to make sure that you are aware of what will best fit your body size and overall proportion.

I’ve linked a number of different styles, heel heights, and leg heights of different OTK boots below to help you find your perfect trendy boot, and most retailers will have the approximate measurements of the garment in the ‘product details’ on the site. I am always sure to check that if I am ordering online because just like it is hard for more petite girls to order online, it is also sometimes hard for taller women to order as well. I actually have a pair of OTK boots that I love, but with my height, they just barely cover half of my knee. I still wear them because it still gives that same illusion of this trend (which is fine in my book), but sometimes when I’m wanting to go all out on this trend, I have to go with a different choice.

My mom, grandmother & sister have always talked about how to keep things age appropriate, however, we all agree that age is simply just a number (I mean, hello … my 75-year-old Granny’s fave brands are Forever 21 and Free People! She’s SO cute.), but you definitely never want to be one of those ladies who is 50-ish and still dresses like she is going to a college frat party (we’ve all seen this before). With that said, I do want to point out that I am allllll about women looking and feeling a part of the latest trends, so that’s why I wanted to include this part of the post – how older women and those who are ‘stuck inside the box’ can participate in this trend.

Just because you are a few years older or because you are used to your simple, everyday style, doesn’t mean that you just have to altogether ignore all trends. The OTK trend is one that I feel like is so easy to accomplish among all ages, sizes and personal styles. You just have to know what kind of boot is best for you! If you are a few years older than you think a person should be to wear OTK boots, or if you are just altogether unsure of this look, then I highly suggest that you try starting out with a flat, basic, black semi-over-the-knee style. For instance, these boots may be great for you to try at first. They are OTK in the front, while still just being basic, black boots in the back. For one, they don’t ‘break the bank’ so even if you don’t like them, you can try to sell them and easily get your money back, or you may end up loving them, wearing them constantly and then this results in you trying out more styles of this trend in the future.

On the other hand, if you have experimented for awhile with over-the-knee looks and you are highly-satisfied with this fashion, then you should definitely try out some higher OTK (or, in other words, thigh-high) looks. These are so fun, especially with shorts, dresses and skirts! This style is particularly great for date night with your man or a sassy girls night out. Thigh-high looks totally amp up your entire outfit and take it to the next level. This vibe is a little more on the high-fashion, haute couture side so be prepared, because it will definitely set you apart from the norm. Some people love it and some people hate it. But nonetheless, you will feel totally fab-u-lous!! I love these lush thigh-high boots and what is even better is that they are VELVET! I mean … two of the hottest trends in one? Yes please! Plus they won’t totally break your bank account and they are GREAT quality. Sometimes, this day in time, we have to spend well over $300 to get the quality of boots that we want, but these actually have an amazing look and quality to them. I am always a fan of budget-friendly deals.

All in all, one of the most important things to remember when it comes to the popular trend pieces is that you have to be yourself. Do I think that everyone should try this OTK look once in their lives? I mean, why not?? .. But if that is just absolutely not in line your personal style, then girlfriend, stick to what you know! However, I feel like most of us always want to try out the latest, hottest, new trend when it comes to fashion, so I encourage you all to step outside of your comfort zone and try this look at least once, or twice …. or three times .. or maybe forever. 😉 After all .. the magic happens once you step out of your comfort zone!

 Today, I hope I have inspired you to participate in this amazing trend that ya just can’t live without! If anything, I hope that you will branch out and try some fun new looks, regardless of what they are. Some of my fave outfits of all time happen when I am feeling the most creative and unique version of myself, and fashion should be fun! Am I right or am I right???

Thanks for reading, babes!



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