Blogging 101, Part 3: Content Planning & Photo Editing Tips

Blogging 101, Part 3: Content Planning & Photo Editing Tips | love 'n' labels

Time for another Blogging 101 post! I hope these have been helpful and beneficial to you guys if you have been thinking about creating a blog / website or if you’ve just been interested in learning more about the industry. I recently spoke to a fashion class at my alma mater, the University of Tennessee – Knoxville, and it made me realize just how ‘new’ this industry still is to so many. It’s not a career path that has been around for a long time. Heck, I even remember learning about fashion bloggers for the FIRST time back in 2013 when I was a sophomore at UT. Before then, I had no idea something like style blogs even existed … and here we are today. Coming full circle, I suppose 😉

In this post, I want us to focus on creating and planning content for your blog and share a few tips on photo editing, planning your Instagram feed, etc. In doing so, I basically plan to share how I operate on this part of the business and what works for the LNL team at this time. I’m sure other bloggers organize and plan things differently, however, this is just what works for me, and I’m hoping that it may help you too! At this point, you’ve found your niche, you know your target audience demographics, you’ve chosen the name of your blog, the colors and fonts you want to use (i.e. branding), and you’ve created your website … now, it’s time for the really fun part. It’s time to plan out and create all of the beautiful imagery and blog post topics that you want to share on your blog and on your social media platforms. Let’s get started!

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5 Ways to Wear Faux Leather Leggings

5 Ways to Wear Faux Leather Leggings | love 'n' labels

Faux leather leggings are all the rage right now … and I understand why! Ever since I bought my faux leather, black Spanx leggings, I’ve been living in them (pretty much) because they are so comfortable, they suck everything in in all the right places (!!), they’re high-waisted, and they are so easy to style many different ways. Whether your favorite pair of faux leather leggings are the same brand as mine or not, you can still easily recreate any of the styles shown below to get 5 totally different looks with the same exact pair of leggings.

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The Formula of Love

The Formula of Love | love 'n' labels

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and the month of love, I wanted to share with you all what the big L-word means to me. I’ve always loved love – even during my single days – and over the years, I’ve learned that we all have different meanings to this word at different stages of our lives. Ultimately, it’s something that we feel and we try our best to express those feelings in words time and time again. I’ve also learned that true love is something so strong that words may not be able to accurately define. However, with that said, I am confident that I’ve learned so much more about the meaning (or the formula) of love ever since I started dating my husband, so I can’t wait to share a little more about that with you all today!

Along with that, TJ and I recently got the opportunity to work with, and it was such a neat experience that I’ve been dying to share with you all! This is one of the largest online retailers for diamonds, gemstones and engagement rings. With us being at the age where ALL of our friends are getting engaged and married (and since many of my readers are around this same age as well), I thought it would be helpful for us to try out their Design Your Own Ring experience and share our thoughts!

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Valentine’s Gifts for Her

Valentine's Gifts for Her | love 'n' labels

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and let’s face it ladies … sometimes our men need a little help when it comes to finding us the perfect gift, right? 😉 I’m here to help – send him over here to LNL or just pop the gift ideas below into his head! TJ and I buy Valentine’s gifts for each other every year, and I hardly ever know what to tell him that I want when he asks, so it’s usually just a surprise. However, I’ve had my fair share of times where I will send links to things I like to his inbox or have my mom or sister drop the hint. I mean, don’t lie, we ALL do it y’all!

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My (Current) Favorite Online Retailers

My (Current) Favorite Online Retailers | love 'n' labels

FRIENDS – Hi!! Long time, no talk!

I wanted to share a few of my favorite online retailers that I’ve been really loving lately. Of course, there are many that I love and shop at all the time, but I’ve recently found a few new front runners and of course, some oldies (but goodies) that I can’t ever let go of. I’m always getting asked where I like to shop and if I like shopping online or in stores better, and my answer to that is definitely online. I enjoy shopping in-store whenever I can find the time to do so, but that is a rare occurrence. So, you can mostly find me behind the computer shopping away! (Plus, you can sometimes find better deals and coupon codes online if you search for them – gotta love a good deal!)

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No One Is YOU & That Is Your Super Power

No One Is YOU & That Is Your Super Power | love 'n' labels

Something was brought to my attention a couple of days ago, regarding my career as an influencer. To keep it short & to the point, this person was talking to someone who I am very close to, mocking my “weird” career choice and doubting that I will ever make it or be successful in this industry … Everyone is completely entitled to their own opinions of course! But sister, I’d like to thank you because you’ve just bursted my tiny spark into a mighty flame.

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Styling Dresses in the Winter

Styling Dresses in the Winter | love 'n' labels

Styling short dresses in the winter can be extremely difficult because we’ve all grown up being told that you’re ‘not supposed to bare skin’ this time of year. Oh gosh, we’re breaking the rules — but that’s my favorite thing to do when it comes to fashion. I’ve always admired those who bend the style rules just a bit and aren’t afraid to step outside of the box.

I don’t know about y’all, but I love being able to wear my favorite dresses (like this one) year round. I found this Storets biker dress back in October when it was still really warm outside, and now, I love that I’m able to create a totally different look with it throughout the winter months.

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Blogging 101, Part 2: Branding and Creating Your Website

Blogging 101, Part 2: Branding and Creating Your Website | love 'n' labels

Alright, friends – blogging 101 is back in session! I was so pumped to see the positive feedback from my first post in this series and can’t wait to dive into more detail with y’all. Please be sure to let me know if you have any questions at all or if I left off something that you would like for me to include in the future Blogging 101 posts. (You can see what all I plan on covering here.)

By now – after reading Part 1: Finding Your Niche & Knowing Your Audience – you should be clear in the direction that you want to take your blog and know who your target audience will be.

Part 2 is all about the back-end, technical ‘stuff’, which we’ll be talking about today, and trust me, I know it can be super overwhelming. Thankfully my sweet hubby, TJ, offered to come on to LNL as a guest today to help me explain all of this in a clear, easy-to-understand manner.

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Comfortable, Streetstyle-Appropriate Outfit Inspo

Comfortable, Streetstyle-Appropriate Outfit Inspo | love 'n' labels

Don’t get me wrong – it’s so fun to get dressed up in fancy outfits, to look nice for special events or to feel like you’ve just stepped off the NYFW runway onto the streets of your hometown, but let’s be real for a minute. NO ONE – and I mean no one – dresses up like that every single day of their life. We all have days where we just feel like wearing comfortable clothes – while still wanting to look stylish and put together. Whether it be running errands around town, a Saturday morning coffee or brunch date with your significant other, or for me, a full day without meetings – sitting at my desk working / planning content … you can still manage to feel super cozy in a comfortable, yet fashionable streetstyle-appropriate outfit.

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My Winter Playlist ’18 + LOUIS VUITTON GIVEAWAY

2 Must-HavMy Winter Playlist - '18 | love 'n' labels www.lovenlabels.come Pieces of the Season | love 'n' labels

A couple weeks ago on my Instagram story, I had a song playing in the background, and I received over 50 messages asking for the title & artist of that song. I figured I would do a poll to see if you all would actually be interested if I shared my current playlist with y’all, and over 95% answered ‘YES’. So, here we are!

Today, I’m sharing my Winter Playlist, which includes lots of chill tunes, (some newbies – lots of oldies) and all around just a huge mix of what I’ve been listening to lately. I tend to listen to many different genres, slow songs & fast songs, sad music & happy music all at one time, so I hope y’all like a good mix! I’m sure you’ll be able to easily identify which artists are my favorites since I’ve included lots of their music. 🙂

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