Cable Knit Sweaters for Fall

Cable Knit Sweaters for Fall | love 'n' labels

The temps are finally starting to drop here in East Tennessee this weekend, and I couldn’t be happier! I’m ready for fall, y’all ūüėČ

It’s the perfect time to start stocking up on your fall and winter wardrobe pieces, and I must say that if I had to choose one thing to carry me into these seasons, it would be cozy, oversized sweaters. Cable knit is my personal fave, so I totally fell in love with this black one from My Kind Of Lovely last week when I stopped by their new store here in Knoxville.

It’s a tiny bit cropped on me (which I like!), but if you are shorter than me, it would probably hit right about at your waistline. I love how chunky it is with the high turtleneck —¬†where are all my long neck girls at? Haha! I always joke that I have a giraffe neck, so I’m a sucker for a turtleneck!

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Most Comfy, Cozy Pullover for Fall & Winter

Most Comfy, Cozy Pullover for Fall & Winter | love 'n' labels

Happy FriYAAAAY! (Emphasis on the yay)

Is it just me or did it feel like this week lasted forever?? So happy that it’s finally Friday! Speaking of the weekend, I wanted to share this new pullover that I got from My Kind of Lovely here in Knoxville because it is seriously¬†so comfy and cozy for the upcoming fall and winter temps. On the weekends, this is totally my go-to style: easy & comfortable. It’s perfect for those Saturday morning coffee runs or days when you just stay in and cuddle up on the couch – aka days when you binge watch Netflix¬†ūüėČ

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NYFW Fall 2017 Recap

NYFW Fall 2017 Recap | love 'n' labels

Hellllooooo NYC!

As a fashion-loving girl growing up, I always DREAMED of going to New York Fashion Week. Of course, you can say ‘awww, she finally made it!’ all you want, but the honest truth is that no one in the industry really cares if that’s been your lifelong dream — especially the people behind the brands of these immaculate fashion shows. Okay, so maybe there’s a couple who actually ‘care’, but the truth is … no one in this industry has the¬†time to care about other people’s dreams. Everyone is busy with making their own dreams come true. And that was something I learned over the course of my first NYFW experience. But I totally get it!

I, of course, would never babble on to a brand about this kind of stuff, but since y’all seem to be more interested in my life and my own ‘dreams’, I want to let y’all in on a little secret! So, when I first started blogging back in October of 2016 (almost a year ago), I told my family that if I ever made it to fashion week as a blogger / influencer, I will have felt accomplished and satisfied with my job as a blogger … well shoot, I honestly thought that would happen like 10 years from now … not 1 year after I started my blog!! But hey, I can’t complain – AT ALL. And somehow (with God’s blessing & lots of hard work), I finally made a dream come true of attending fashion week in New York — attending presentations, fashion shows,¬† & events. *pinch me* because I honestly still can’t believe it all happened …

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Homegating – A Spin On Gameday Tailgates

Homegating - A Spin On Gameday Tailgates | love 'n' labels

This past weekend, my Vols played the University of Florida – one of our biggest rivals (along with the Crimson Tide), and unfortunately we didn’t come away with a W. ūüôĀ I’m still pretty bitter about it because it was one of those heart breaker endings where we’re both tied and the hail mary pass that FL threw was caught in the endzone, which resulted in them winning the game.¬†We officially feel your pain, Georgia. (If you don’t know what I’m referencing to, just watch this video from one of our games last year against UGA – I won’t ever forget that moment!!)

Even though we didn’t come out of this weekend with a win, we did come out with some fun memories! If you follow along with me on Instagram, then you know we had a homegating (viewing) party at our house for our friends and family to gather & cheer on the Vols since the game was away at Florida.

Tailgating is one of the most fun parts of the whole gameday experience, in my opinion, so why does it have to be out of the question when your team is playing away from their home field? In my book, it doesn’t. This is where the whole ‘homegating’ idea comes into play. Invite your friends and family over, grab some cute platters & dishes that support your team, start cooking some finger foods, and enjoy a day at home (in the A/C!!) while watching your favorite football team!

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New York Fashion Week with Cavanagh Baker

How to Style Over the Knee Boots | love 'n' labels

Long time, no chat ladies! I’ve been kind of MIA the past few days because I was hard at work in NYC for New York Fashion Week, but I’m finally back home and have so many things to recap and share with you guys. My trip to NYFW was everything that I imagined it would be¬†and more. Although it was (literally) exhausting and totally nonstop 24/7, I honestly didn’t even want to come back home. I thrive on that NYC hustle – especially when I’m surrounded by so many incredible influencers, designers, fashion icons. I’m beyond excited to share all of the amazing new spring trends with you all that I saw on the runways! It’s going to be a season full of bright (hint hint), colorful, feminine and beautifully made designs. I’m already excited about dressing for next spring/summer!

Before I went to New York, I met with one of my friends, Cavanagh Baker – who is one of my all time favorite designers. She is INSANELY talented, you guys!! Just to give you a little background, Cavanagh is a Savannah College of Art & Design graduate who opened her design studio in Nashville, TN in early 2016. She has designed for many well-known musicians and reputable individuals, including Kelsea Ballerini (in which she designed my all time favorite piece ever seen in a music video), Little Big Town, Miranda Lambert, Danielle Bradbery, & Brandi Cyrus just to name a few.

We decided that it would be a great idea to collaborate during NYFW, so I met up with her in Nashville at her atelier for a fitting, and we went from there. I was truly honored to wear even one of her amazing designs, and by the time I left, she was sending me on my way with six full outfits! Cav is just a kind as she is talented.

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Athleisure is a Girl’s Best Friend

Athleisure is a Girl's Best Friend | love 'n' labels

Let’s be honest … This is the type of outfit that we all actually wear in ‘real life’. I’ll be the first one to fall head over heels in love with a very avant garde, immaculate OOTD, but I’ll also be the first one to reach for a casual, athleisure look in my day-to-day life.¬†

I’d say that about 75% of the time, you can find me in an outfit similar to the athleisure style in this post. I love this trend because it only takes 2 seconds to throw it all together, and you still¬†feel comfortable and¬†look adorable throughout your day. It’s amazing that an outfit so simple and easy can make you feel like your best self!

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10 Amazing Labor Day Sales You Don’t Want To Miss

10 Amazing Labor Day Sales You Don't Want To Miss | LOVE 'N' LABELS

Happy Labor Day, y’all!

Today, I hope each of you are taking time to relax and unwind, spending time with loved ones, or hanging out with friends at a cookout (or tailgate if you are a fellow Vol fan!). Whatever your plans consist of today, I hope you are enjoying yourself and take this time to be completely away from the office – wherever that may be.

I wanted to round up my top picks from a lot of the Labor Day sales happening today (and there are some¬†good ones). I asked y’all last week on IG stories¬†if you wanted to see anything in particular in my sale round ups today, and I got a lot of requests about jeans, high-waisted pants/denim, beauty products, swim, and shoes. I’ve searched through and done the shopping for you all to provide all of this! I included lots of affordable finds, some amazing deals (of course), and then a few splurges that are just too beautiful to pass up (that are also on huge sale which helps).

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FAQ Friday

FAQ Friday | love 'n' labels

TGIF! It’s time for our weekly FAQ Friday!

I also wanted to share this chic & effortless, B&W look from¬†Gap because it’s the perfect OOTD to wear to the office on a Friday with a cute jacket or cardi & then change it up with a statement belt and bare arms for dinner and drinks that night. I am obsessing over these bodysuits right now (I literally just bought it in 3 different colors because they’re under $10 haha). And I am SO tempted to buy these pants in every color available because they are so soft, stretchy, and comfortable, all while looking chic, stylish and professional at the same time. There are so many great ways that you can style a staple, cropped pant like this!

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Transitioning Into Fall with My Kind Of Lovely

Transitioning Into Fall with My Kind Of Lovely | love 'n' labels

Fall is coming!!!! (Now say that in the Game of Thrones voice ūüėČ )

I know if you’re like me, you freak out over the first leaf you see on the ground and you instantly break out the pumpkin coffee, muffins and candles … and if I’m being honest, I’ve already almost burnt through one whole Bath and Body Works pumpkin candle. I may have a problem LOL!

Not only do I get excited about pumpkin everything when it comes to the changing season, but I also get really inspired when it comes to my daily outfits. Fall fashion is one of those cozy, easy-to-style seasons that I always look forward to. There’s something so refreshing about the crisp fall weather and burying myself up into a blanket scarf and riding boots. However, here in Tennessee (and in other parts of the South), we won’t be seeing the weather cool down enough for those warmer layers for quite awhile. That’s why I want to focus on sharing my transitional outfit tips with you all in this post!

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Red Hot Romper + 5 Instagrammable Wall Art Spots

Red Hot Romper + 5 Instagrammable Wall Art Spots | love 'n' labels

Coming at ya live in this fun & flirty, red hot romper! (JK it’s not live, but it sounded good so I went with it LOL).

But really, I am loving the color red lately, if you haven’t already noticed. Y’all know I have always loved a good red lip, but recently, I’ve been reaching for more red in my wardrobe too! I got this fun, chic romper at Missguided and had planned on wearing it to a concert for my birthday this past weekend but made a last minute change to something else – you can (kind of) see what I wore in this pic, but I’ll be sure to shoot that piece for y’all again so you can see it better.

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