Girls Weekend in Nash + True Grit Giveaway

LNL love 'n' labels: Girls Weekend in Nash + True Grit Giveaway

YOU GUYS! We officially only have 6 more sleeps until Christmas!! 🙂

If you follow along with me on Snapchat (@peyton.baxter) or my InstaStories (@peyton.baxter), then you got to see a lot of behind-the-scenes action of my girls’ weekend in Nashville with my cute lil Mama girl. We had a BLAST! It’s so nice to sometimes just get away and enjoy some time off doing some girly things.

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Friday Favorites: Family Time

LNL love 'n' labels: friday faves family time

Hey sweet ladies! Today I’m sharing all about our weekend that we had last weekend in Georgia visiting TJ’s side of the fam. I firmly believe that one of the best things in life is family … and there’s not much more in life that I love more than time spent with the ones that I love most and the ones who I can just be my complete self around. But, I mean, aren’t we all like that with someone in our lives? Even if it’s your friends. Maybe you are more comfortable around them and they are practically what you would call your ‘family’. Either way, this time of year, it’s so easy to get caught up in all the craziness of the holidays and forget to celebrate one of the most important parts of the season.

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Holiday Style – Mrs. Clause Inspired

LNL love 'n' labels blog: Holiday Style - Mrs. Clause Inspired

Today, I’m sharing Part 2 of my Sisters Vintage Rentals Christmas shoot. If you missed out on Part 1, then be sure to click HERE to check it out — it was definitely one of my very favorite posts to date! SVR is by far the most amazing company for antique rentals. They help turn ANY event into gold. Everything they put together just looks simply amazing – just pay attention to the vignettes below to see what I’m raving about!

Also … if you had the chance to dress up as THE Mrs. Clause for a special Christmas event, would you?? Um, I would no doubt! Nothing says ‘festive’ like dressing up as Mrs. Clause herself .. and I mean, like, in a classy, tasteful way. Not looking like ya just came in on a sleigh from the North Pole! LOL.

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Wedding Wednesday: The Venue(s)

LNL love 'n' labels: Wedding Wednesday - The Venues

So, once we got home to Tennessee, we officially began wedding planning. We were more than ready to be married. The very first thing that Teej and I looked for in our search for wedding vendors was our venue … or actually, venues. We had discussed for years (before even being engaged) about what kind of venue we had in our minds. Basically, outdoor weddings are gorgeous – when the weather cooperates – however, we always said that with our luck, it would come a monsoon, lol. Plus TJ may have possibly died standing in a tux out in the heat in the middle of a southern summer. No joke! So, we knew that we definitely wanted an indoor wedding.

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Fast Fashion

LNL love 'n' labels: olive sweater & otk boots

I threw this look together in a matter of about 2 minutes because it was just one of those ‘throw on & go’ kinda days. I’m in a hurry pretty much 24/7 (and I hate it .. ask anyone who knows me lol), so over the years, I have had to learn how to throw on layers and accessories as I am literally walking out the door, while heading to my next meeting, appointment, dinner, event, etc etc etc.

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Styling Oversized Capes

LNL love 'n' labels: gray cape

So, I’ve definitely been loooving this cape fashion that’s been happening recently. It’s easy to notice that I love anything that’s ‘oversized’, but I really love it whenever it’s an outerwear piece like a cape or a wrap because I can wear something a little more fitted underneath it. I’m guilty of sometimes wearing too many oversized pieces at once because I’ve always been drawn to the more loose-fitting, ‘carefree’ pieces. So, I have to remind myself to keep a good mix between the two styles – fitted / oversized.

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Friday Favorites: ‘Me’ Time

LNL love 'n' labels: friday favorites - me time

It’s Friyay! Hallelujah! Today I wanted to share a little bit about myself so that you all can get to know the person behind LNL just a little better. As you know, every Friday I share about one of my ‘favorite’ things, whether it be fashion-related or not. It’s kind of the day to let my readers get to know me – Peyton – a little better or to share some of my favorite products, etc.

So, with that said … I wanted to share with you about one of the things in my daily life that I just can’t live without. And I think everyone needs this in their lives everyday (even if it’s for only a couple minutes). I’m talking about my ‘me’ time.

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LBD Holiday Style

LNL love 'n' labels: LBD Holiday Style

Is anyone else obsessed with textured tights and pantyhose?? I know I know, random question to start this post off, buuut I just love ’em! They add such a feminine, classy (& sassy) touch to your overall look.

One piece that you can’t go wrong styling with textured tights is the LBD – aka little black dress. I’m sure you have at least one LBD hanging in your closet (… and if ya don’t, then girlfriend go get one today! You’ll fall in love.) If you are like me, then there’s a high possibility that you may have about 10-15 LBD’s … but I mean, come on can you really have too many?! Today, I’m styling a little black dress that my mom got me for my birthday this year. This particular one is a little more on the dressy side, which makes it perfect for a Christmas event or party this holiday season.

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2016 Christmas Wishlist

LNL love 'n' labels: friday favorites Christmas traditions

I’ve shared a lot of holiday gift guides this Christmas season, so I thought I would do a little something different to show you some of the options on MY wishlist. I have a document on Google Drive that I have shared with TJ and my family for Christmas gift options, and for this post, I literally just took some of my top picks from there to share with you all. Maybe there’s something on my wishlist that you would want to add to your wishlist this year, or maybe you have a friend or sister who would like one of these gifts. Either way, I hope this helps and inspires you when it comes to buying fashionable gifts for the holidays.

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Pink + Red

LNL love 'n' labels: pink + red (hunter boots)

Sooo, a few days ago I told y’all on INSTA that I’ve been obsessing over a certain color combo recently. Well say hello to my friends, pink + red. But wait, it’s not Valentine’s Day – it’s Christmas!! What am I thinking?! I’ve started noticing that pink & red actually really compliment each other so well, and they are becoming one of the most popular color combos in the fashion industry (& many other industries, for that matter).

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