Bridal Dresses for Showers, Bachelorette Parties, Honeymoon & More

Bridal Dresses for Showers, Bachelorette Parties, Honeymoon & More | love 'n' labels

Since it is Wednesday, I’m throwing it back to my Wedding Wednesday days and calling ALL brides-to-be! I hear wedding bells!

Looking back on my time as a bride makes me so nostalgic, so I’m happy to get to help you ladies out while you’re searching for the perfect bride gear to wear as you prepare to become a wife. This is such a special time in your life that you will look back on for years to come, and I want to mainly encourage you all to soak up every. single. moment. (even the stressful ones 😉 ).

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2018 Word of the Year: NO

Word of the Year: NO | love 'n' labels

When you read the title of this blog post, I’m sure you start to wonder what the heck I’m talking about and why my word for 2018 is “no”. The reason is simple: I’m a recovering people pleaser. I’m recovering from saying “yes” one too many times and then hating myself later on for agreeing to that event, that dinner, that partnership, that trip, etc. Over the past couple of years, I’ve learned more about myself that I ever knew before, and one of the things that has been challenging for me to overcome is learning how to say “no thanks” to people or things that I don’t necessarily want or need in my life at this time. But I’ve learned how to get past this challenge and how to politely decline or step away from things in life that are not beneficial to my health, happiness and well being … And boy has it been one of the most freeing feelings ever!

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Babes Supporting Babes – Happy International Women’s Day!

Babes Supporting Babes - Happy International Women's Day! | love 'n' labels

Happy Women’s Day to all my favorite babes out there!!

On this day, I want to share a special letter to each of you ladies reading this right now. I hope you’ll read it all the way through and enjoy it – xo.

To my LNL Babes …

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Spring and Summer Dresses, Sets, & Rompers for Every Occasion

Spring and Summer Dresses, Sets, & Rompers for Every Occasion | love 'n' labels

Recently, I’ve received SO many requests to write a post about outfit ideas for graduations, spring weddings, spring break, tropical getaways, bachelorette parties, etc etc etc. The list goes on! Thankfully, I had this post scheduled out on my content calendar for this month, so I’m happy that I’ll now be able to help you all find the perfect dress, set, or romper that you’re searching for.

In this post, I’ve included mostly dresses, but also a few rompers, 2-piece sets, and jumpsuits that are perfect for every occasion you may have coming up this spring or summer. I feel like all of these pieces pretty much fall into the same category, so I decided to include a few of each!

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Buy More, Save More Shopbop Sale + Other Sales Happening!

Buy More, Save More Shopbop Sale + Other Sales Happening! | love 'n' labels

Happy Friday, friends! There are tons and tons of amazing sales happening today and into the weekend, so if you have that itch to start some spring shopping like I do, definitely check out this whole post for lots of great deals! The first one I want to focus on is possibly one of the best sales of the year …

Shopbop’s Buy More, Save More Sale is going on right now, and it’s GOOD y’all! I browsed through the entire site to find the top picks and best deals for the upcoming seasons, and I’ve included some options below that I thought y’all would like, if you want to browse through them for yourself. My biggest recommendation with this particular sale is to of course stay within your budget, but keep in mind that it’s good to go ahead and splurge on the more big ticket or luxury items because the more you spend, the more you save. For instance, I am stocking up on all my One Teaspoon shorts and AG denim for the season. This is also a great time to buy that pair of designer shoes or sunglasses that you’ve been longing for because you can score a major discount!

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Best Places to Shop Swimsuits & Beachwear

Best Places to Shop Swimsuits & Beachwear | love 'n' labels

I’ll admit, I was totally one of those girls who raided Victoria’s Secret every year around this time when they sold swimsuits and beachwear … I would splurge and buy 4 or 5 of their swimsuits (at a time) starting when I was old enough to wear and fit into their pieces. I remember being completely in shock not too long ago when they announced that they were doing away with swim to focus more on athleisure, etc. Quite frankly, I was not only saddened by the news but I was actually a little ticked off because WHERE WOULD I FIND ALL MY SWIMSUITS NOW?! I know that the PINK brand still carries some swimwear, (and I do like it!) but it’s just not the exact same to me. This all may sound a little ridiculous to a degree, but I’m sure at least a few of you all that are reading this right now may be able to relate. 😉

This year, I’ve actually been on the hunt for new swim & beachwear retailers since January. I know, I know … way to early to be really thinking about spring break and summer, but I was determined to find some reputable brands and stores for all of us to shop from this season and I think I finally found some good ones that I am excited to recommend to you all! With spring break just around the corner, I thought this would be the perfect time to share. At the bottom of this post, I’ve recommended a few of my favorite places to shop for swim and included a massive round up of swimsuits and beachwear to choose from. I included many different styles, colors and price points so that you’ll have a large selection to shop and find exactly what you’re searching for! If you order within the next few days, you should be able to receive your new suits in the mail before spring break trips begin! 

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Snowshoe Mountain Travel Guide

Snowshoe Mountain Travel Guide | love 'n' labels

Teej and I recently took a trip to the beautiful Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia with some of our closest friends. We have been going here for a few years now because we think it is the best place to go for skiing / snowboarding on the East Coast, and it includes the cutest, snowy village on top of the mountain.

With many open trails for skiers / snowboarders of all levels, this is the primary place to go with a large group of friends in the winter months. Even if someone in your crew isn’t into all the snow activities, there are still lots of shops, restaurants and a brewery to keep everyone in your group entertained!

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Blogging 101, Part 3: Content Planning & Photo Editing Tips

Blogging 101, Part 3: Content Planning & Photo Editing Tips | love 'n' labels

Time for another Blogging 101 post! I hope these have been helpful and beneficial to you guys if you have been thinking about creating a blog / website or if you’ve just been interested in learning more about the industry. I recently spoke to a fashion class at my alma mater, the University of Tennessee – Knoxville, and it made me realize just how ‘new’ this industry still is to so many. It’s not a career path that has been around for a long time. Heck, I even remember learning about fashion bloggers for the FIRST time back in 2013 when I was a sophomore at UT. Before then, I had no idea something like style blogs even existed … and here we are today. Coming full circle, I suppose 😉

In this post, I want us to focus on creating and planning content for your blog and share a few tips on photo editing, planning your Instagram feed, etc. In doing so, I basically plan to share how I operate on this part of the business and what works for the LNL team at this time. I’m sure other bloggers organize and plan things differently, however, this is just what works for me, and I’m hoping that it may help you too! At this point, you’ve found your niche, you know your target audience demographics, you’ve chosen the name of your blog, the colors and fonts you want to use (i.e. branding), and you’ve created your website … now, it’s time for the really fun part. It’s time to plan out and create all of the beautiful imagery and blog post topics that you want to share on your blog and on your social media platforms. Let’s get started!

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5 Ways to Wear Faux Leather Leggings

5 Ways to Wear Faux Leather Leggings | love 'n' labels

Faux leather leggings are all the rage right now … and I understand why! Ever since I bought my faux leather, black Spanx leggings, I’ve been living in them (pretty much) because they are so comfortable, they suck everything in in all the right places (!!), they’re high-waisted, and they are so easy to style many different ways. Whether your favorite pair of faux leather leggings are the same brand as mine or not, you can still easily recreate any of the styles shown below to get 5 totally different looks with the same exact pair of leggings.

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The Formula of Love

The Formula of Love | love 'n' labels

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and the month of love, I wanted to share with you all what the big L-word means to me. I’ve always loved love – even during my single days – and over the years, I’ve learned that we all have different meanings to this word at different stages of our lives. Ultimately, it’s something that we feel and we try our best to express those feelings in words time and time again. I’ve also learned that true love is something so strong that words may not be able to accurately define. However, with that said, I am confident that I’ve learned so much more about the meaning (or the formula) of love ever since I started dating my husband, so I can’t wait to share a little more about that with you all today!

Along with that, TJ and I recently got the opportunity to work with, and it was such a neat experience that I’ve been dying to share with you all! This is one of the largest online retailers for diamonds, gemstones and engagement rings. With us being at the age where ALL of our friends are getting engaged and married (and since many of my readers are around this same age as well), I thought it would be helpful for us to try out their Design Your Own Ring experience and share our thoughts!

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