Ireland Travel Diary – December 2019

Ireland Travel Diary - December 2019 | love 'n' labels

Hey y’all! Happy (almost) New Year! I have been getting lots of questions about our itinerary from my last trip to Ireland, so I wanted to recap our trip for you guys and share more information. My girlfriends (Dani, Caitlin, Shea Leigh) and I visited Ireland earlier this month, and it was sooo pretty this time of year all decorated for the holidays. I literally felt like we were in a real life Hallmark movie, ha!

We used Noken to book and plan our trip, and it was hands down the best decision we made! Noken is a travel service that plans everything out for you during your travels — including things to do, where to shop, where to eat, etc …

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Walt Disney World — Adult Experiences at Disney

Walt Disney World: Adult Experiences at Disney | love 'n' labels

HAPPY PLACE: Noun – A physical environment characterized by well-being and contentment.

Where is your happy place? I have a few that give me a constant smile and butterflies in my stomach, but none are as magical as Walt Disney World. My first trip to Disney World was when I was 4 years old. This was before fast passes and waiting in line was just part of the process. You can ask my mom because she waited with me in the 2-hour long line for Splash Mountain multiple times (God love her soul). I have been hooked ever since. Every trip to Walt Disney World since then has been better than the one before. Even seeing a picture of the parks and the food and the rides makes my heart skip a beat. I have told you all of this so that you can try to imagine my excitement and even my apprehension when I received an email from a Disney staff member requesting that we collaborate …

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The Best NYC Hotel: Lexington Hotel, Autograph Collection

The Best NYC Hotel: Lexington Hotel, Autograph Collection | love 'n' labels

I don’t know how many of you have been to New York City but I have been a few times, which is certainly not enough because my love for the City can’t be measured. One of the things I have learned from my previous trips is that ‘where you stay’ certainly has a huge impact on the success and enjoyment of your trip. I have stayed in suites, regular hotel rooms, and what seemed to me to be a closet during one trip LOL, but none can compare to my last trip when I stayed at The Lexington Hotel, Autograph Collection. This hotel has so much to offer and has something for everyone: business travelers, families, couples, groups … and fashion bloggers. 😉

The Lexington was built in 1929 and has maintained the style and architecture of that period. The energy of this midtown location, the Art Deco building itself, and the star-quality of guests – past and present – define this hotel.

When I learned that my friend, @heatherpoppie, and I (along with our fan club (our moms!)) were going to get to stay at this hotel during New York Fashion Week (Feb. 2019), I was beyond thrilled …

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2019 Travel Diaries — Intro

2019 Travel Diaries: Intro | love 'n' labels

2019 has been off to a very adventurous start for me with lots of trips to new places. Travel has always been one of my favorite things to do, for as long as I can remember. I grew up going from state to state for competitive cheer competitions when I was younger, so I guess that’s where my love for travel really began. Ever since then, I’ve always loved exploring new places and experiencing new cultures. Thankfully, TJ loves getting away as much as I do — we even got engaged on the opposite side of the country in California — so we try to travel as much as we can right now before expanding our family.

As a “fashion blogger”, I never really put much thought into sharing my travels more in depth with you all until late last year when I received an overwhelming amount of emails/messages after a few of the trips I went on … “Where did you stay?” … “Where did you eat?” … “What is there to do?” … “How’s the shopping there?” … “Top recommendations?!” … “Must sees??”  … The questions continue to flood in for every trip that I go on even to this day, so I recently decided to start sharing my travel diaries with you all more in depth! I shared a few travel posts last year on my blog, and you all seemed to really enjoy them. So, this year after each trip, my plan is to share all the details with you all, in case you and your family ever decide to visit the same places I’ve been to. I want this site to continue being a helpful resource for you in all aspects of life — whether that be fashion, makeup finds, travel deets, day-to-day life, tips/tricks, etc. I hope you’ll enjoy this series over the next year and will continue to follow along with each upcoming getaway!

Now before we get started on my first trip recap of 2019, I do want to point out something important that I wish more people in this industry would share with their audiences …

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Vegas Travel Diary – WG Style Society Weekend

Vegas Travel Diary - WG Style Society Weekend | love 'n' labels

About a month ago, I loaded up with my girl, @heatherpoppie, and headed straight for Viva Las Vegas! We went for a blogger weekend meetup to connect with some of our friends in the industry, who we don’t get to see too often (since we all live in different parts of the country). We had such a BLAST (as you can tell in the photos below), and I got to hug the necks of old friends, as well as, meet a few new ones! This industry is so supportive and full of fun gals that I am forever grateful to […]

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Maui Travel Guide

Maui Travel Guide | love 'n' labels

TJ and I recently traveled to Hawaii for vacation, and it was absolutely amazing! It had been a place on our bucket list for years, and we knew we wanted to visit before starting a family. I had been to Oahu when I was in middle school, but TJ had never been to Hawaii at all so it was a must see for us! We didn’t realize it until we got there, but this vacation was actually the first trip (just the two of us) since our honeymoon over two years ago! Over the past couple of years, we have always traveled with family or friends as well, so it was nice getting away just the two of us again. We loved the special quality time!

We split our 10-day trip in half between Maui and Oahu (travel guide for Oahu coming soon). The first five days, we stayed in Maui, and WOW. Just wow! It is officially one of my all time favorite places I’ve ever traveled to. It’s an absolute dream, and everything there is so beautiful! The natural beauty of the entire island is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It’s truly breathtaking! The relaxing beaches, fun adventures, and warm aloha spirit from Maui locals made us quickly fall in love with this tropical destination.

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New York City Travel Diary – NY Hilton Midtown

New York City Travel Diary - NY Hilton Midtown | love 'n' labels

We had the most incredible stay at the Hilton Midtown in the heart of New York City for fashion week 2018. I mentioned our stay in my New York Fashion Week Recap, but as promised, I’m sharing a few more details about the hotel with you all and why it’s the best option to book for future trips to the Big Apple.

New York Hilton Midtown genuinely exceeded our expectations, and we’ll definitely be booking another stay there in the future. From the bellmen to the front desk assistants to the doormen hauling taxis to the managers, we experienced nothing but amazing quality, friendly service.

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New York Fashion Week Recap – September 2018

New York Fashion Week Recap - September 2018 | love 'n' labels

This year was my second New York Fashion Week, and it was one for the books! I’m leaving The City with no voice, a full heart and LOADS of style inspo for the coming months & spring / summer 2019. (Side note: I’m actually LOVING the new trends coming in next season … think big shoulders, fun (unique) sleeves, tweed, pastels, ruffles and all things chic.)

Since NYFW is such an incredibly busy, chaotic time, it’s hard to share every little detail or every single link to outfits during my time in the Big Apple, so I wanted to take the opportunity to recap all things Fashion Week 2018 in this post, including all my outfit details (+ links to shop), all the shows & events I attended, memories that were made with friends from all over the country and trends that I saw on the runways for the upcoming seasons. I hope you’ll find this post helpful, entertaining and inspiring! As always, if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask. 🙂

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Beach Trip Style Guide

Beach Trip Style Guide | love 'n' labels

We had such a great getaway to the beach last week with our family! We stayed in the North Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina, and the weather was perfect every day except for one. (I was actually thankful for the day that it rained because I got a little too much sun the day before!)

I received tons of messages and comments regarding the outfits / swimsuits I wore while on the trip asking for me to share details of where I bought everything, so I thought I would publish a style guide specifically for this trip so that you all can find all the details in one place. If you have any further questions, just leave a comment below this post and I’ll be happy to help you out! And remember that you can always find all pieces of my outfits that I post on the shop my instagram tab here on the blog or by following me (handle: Peyton.Baxter) on the app!

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Two Old Hippies Style Diary

Two Old Hippies Style Diary | love 'n' labels

If you would have told me two years ago when I walked into @twooldhippies for the first time to snag a souvenir ball cap that I would be partnering with them today, I wouldn’t have believed you for even a second. Two Old Hippies has been at the top of my bucket list of brands to work with since I started this journey so when they reached out to me to work together, you know I was pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. God works in amazing ways y’all!

Old enough to have been around when the concept of peace, love and rock n’ roll inspired a generation of free spirits. Young enough to embrace a world community, where generosity, compassion and equality are a way of life. We celebrate living every day.

Before going any further, I want to highly encourage you all to read more about how Two Old Hippies got their start and turned into what it is today — it’s really an inspiring story!

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