Friday Favorites: Family Time

LNL love 'n' labels: friday faves family time

Hey sweet ladies! Today I’m sharing all about our weekend that we had last weekend in Georgia visiting TJ’s side of the fam. I firmly believe that one of the best things in life is family … and there’s not much more in life that I love more than time spent with the ones that I love most and the ones who I can just be my complete self around. But, I mean, aren’t we all like that with someone in our lives? Even if it’s your friends. Maybe you are more comfortable around them and they are practically what you would call your ‘family’. Either way, this time of year, it’s so easy to get caught up in all the craziness of the holidays and forget to celebrate one of the most important parts of the season.

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Wedding Wednesday: The Venue(s)

LNL love 'n' labels: Wedding Wednesday - The Venues

So, once we got home to Tennessee, we officially began wedding planning. We were more than ready to be married. The very first thing that Teej and I looked for in our search for wedding vendors was our venue … or actually, venues. We had discussed for years (before even being engaged) about what kind of venue we had in our minds. Basically, outdoor weddings are gorgeous – when the weather cooperates – however, we always said that with our luck, it would come a monsoon, lol. Plus TJ may have possibly died standing in a tux out in the heat in the middle of a southern summer. No joke! So, we knew that we definitely wanted an indoor wedding.

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Wedding Wednesday: 4 Tips to Help You in the Beginning of the Wedding Planning Process

Happy Hump Daaay! It’s time for another #weddingwednesday — where’re all my beautiful brides at?! Before we get too far into girly wedding talk, I wanted to inform y’all that going forward, I plan on sharing only one to two #weddingwednesday posts per month (instead of a weekly thing). I don’t want to bombard love ‘n’ labels with too much wedding mush, so rather, I plan on popping in a WW post about every other week or so.

If you know me, you know that I love all things wedding-related, and since I just went through the entire wedding process myself, I want to share as many tips, tricks and pieces of advice that I can with soon-to-be brides. Thus far, I have shared about getting engaged, some guidance on what to do after you get engaged (read that post HERE), and details/advice of throwing an engagement party (read HERE).

Today, I’m sharing all about what I did after our engagement party to officially begin the wedding planning process.

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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party (& Tips Along The Way)

On this lovely Wedding Wednesday, I’m sharing the next step in the wedding planning process. Last week, I shared what wedding planning book I used to kickstart my wedding festivities and plans (in THIS POST), sooo I thought that it would only make sense to share with you what came next in the process, for me. The engagement partaaay, of course! After all, you do have a huge reason & rock to celebrate!

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The Man (& Day) Every Girl Dreams About

I found it fitting to share my own love story tonight with y’all to let you learn about one of the most important parts of my life … & as promised (on my ABOUT page), I’m giving you all the deets on mine & TJ’s very own love story.  Throughout the past year and a half, my life has completely changed in so many wonderful ways, and what started it all was when my boyfriend of almost 3 years at the time, got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. All of us girls DREAM about […]

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Introducing: love ‘n’ labels

Hi everyone!

I’m Peyton, and I am so excited to welcome you to my fashion and lifestyle blog, love ‘n’ labels! On this blog, I will share with you the most current fashion trends, wardrobe styling tips, glam and beauty tricks (that I have learned throughout tons of trial & error), traveling adventures, and plenty of personal stories about love and life in the South.

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