Wedding Wednesday: Introducing My Bridesmaids + Their Wedding Day Style

Wedding Wednesday Introducing Bridal Party | love 'n' labels

Happy Wedding Wednesday, beautiful! I’m so glad that you’re here!

Before I get started on today’s post, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all of your love to Sarah and I on yesterday’s blog post … it was by far one of the most popular posts to ever be published on LNL, and all of your positive feedback, comments and tags on Insta totally made my entire day! If you missed yesterday’s post, click here after you finish reading today’s because I promise you don’t want to miss it!

Since it’s time for another Wedding Wednesday post, I figured I would introduce you all to my lovely bridesmaids and flower girls! These ladies (and their families) play such a huge role in mine and TJ’s lives and are a big part of who we are today. These are the people who have stood by our side through some of the best and worst times, we’ve grown up together, we made it through the college days together, they were standing by our sides during the biggest day of our lives, and they’ll be the ones who will be there as we all begin to grow our families someday (hint hint .. one is already growing!! Keep reading!). Along with this, I’ve gotten SO many questions about the dresses that my girls wore on our wedding day, so I will be sharing (of course) some fashion details throughout this post!

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Wedding Wednesday: The Wedding Dress + The 4 Somethings

Wedding Wednesday: The Dress and The 4 Somethings | love 'n' labels

Happy Wedding Wednesday loves! Between a few post deadlines and some traveling in between, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted a #weddingwednesday post. But, have no fear – we’re back on track! Today’s WW post may be my favorite wedding post of all because I’m sharing all about my wedding dress and the 4 special ‘somethings’ that I wore on my big day! Let’s dive right in!

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Wedding Wednesday: I Came For The Cake!

Glam White Wedding Cake | love 'n' labels

Let’s be real … most people really do go to weddings just for the cake. At least that is one of the main reasons. 😉 I, for one, always look forward to the cake and the desserts at every wedding I attend because I have a massive sweet tooth. Plus, I just love looking at how the bride and groom have designed the wedding cake & groom’s cake!

Fun fact: The detailed fabric at the top tier of the cake was actually the cape that came with my wedding dress. I liked my dress better without the cape, however, I LOVED that beautiful fabric and did not want it to go to waste. If you have seen the back of my wedding dress, then you’ll notice that the top part of it has this same exact fabric that is placed at the top of the cake. I loved how this cake coordinated so well with my dress.

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February Instagram Round-Up

peyton and tj baxter | love 'n' labels

Since the month of love has already come and gone (so quickly, I might add), I figured now is the best time to recap everything in the love ‘n’ labels Instagram world for the past month! A lot of changes happened for me in February, and my hubby was featured on the blog a tonnn because, well of course, it was the time of year to show off my love for him. 😉

Take a look at the Insta recap below, and you might even see a blog post that you missed out on or forgot to read!

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Wedding Wednesday: What to Wear While Getting Ready

Wedding robes | love 'n' labels

One thing many brides forget about until the last minute (and sometimes when it is already too late) is what you and your girls are going to wear while getting ready for your Big Day. And then, if your man is like mine, he may even want to surprise his groomsmen with something to wear on the day of the wedding as well!

Ultimately, the options for your glam-time attire are endless, but specifically, I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately about where I got the robes for my girls and me. So, I figured it was the perfect time to dive into this topic during today’s #weddingwednesday post!

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Friday Favorites: Marriage

TJ & Peyton Baxter |

Teej and I got married on June 25th of last year, so we’ve now been married for close to 8 months – whoa. Seriously, time flies! I literally feel like we just got married!! But I guess that’s a good sign since time flies when you’re having fun. 🙂

love ‘n’ labels is definitely a primary place for me to connect with other people in the fashion industry and for me to share the current fashion trends with my readers, however, y’all know that I love sharing bits and pieces of my everyday life on here as well – hence why LNL is a fashion and lifestyle blog. If I’m going to do this, I want to be able to share who I really am with you guys – the crazy, messy parts and the fun, pretty parts, lol!

If you are newly married, then you have probably gotten the same question that we have over and over – “How’s married life?!”. (And then of course, the question to follow that is: “When are you having kids?”) .. If you aren’t yet married, then just wait … your time is coming, girlfriend!! Although some people tend to get slightly annoyed with these questions, Teej and I don’t mind it at all – no matter how many times people ask us. To us, we are still so thrilled to be husband and wife – newlyweds – in the honeymoon stage. To be honest, I see us still being happy to answer this question even 5, 10, 25, 50 years from now. And for the kids part of the question, we just get really excited and giddy when people ask us about that. Of course, most people ask us about kids assuming that we are planning on getting pregnant tomorrow.

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Be Mine, Valentine!

Valentine's Day Tulle Skirt |

What is love?

To me, love is the most powerful feeling in the world. It’s like music – a universal language. It’s something that we all feel at some point in our lives. I believe there are different kinds of love. There’s the love that you share with your person – incredibly captivating. There’s the love that you share with your family members – always constant. There’s the love that you have for your best friends – always relatable. There’s the love that you have for your kids – I can’t begin to even comprehend this one yet. There’s the love that you share with God – everlasting.

Love is patient & kind. Love is strong. Love is caring. Love is putting a smile on others’ faces. Love is having the freedom to be your weird self. Love is never having to apologize for having too many clothes ;). Love is making others’ happy. Love is surprising him with a home-cooked meal. Love is bringing flowers to your mom. Love is spending quality time with Jesus. Love is dancing in the kitchen. Love is protective. Love is full of trust. Love is dropping everything for the moment when she needs you most. Love is forgiving. Love is powerful. Love truly never fails.

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Little Black Dress with Pops of Color

black off the shoulder dress - little black dress |

Teej and I kicked off our weekend with an early V-Day dinner at The Melting Pot (we had actually only been there once before). It was SO yummy .. of course the chocolate at the end was my favorite part because I have a massive sweet tooth. 🙂 I wore this outfit! You may have seen a sneak peak on my Insta from the night that we went on our date (although I threw my hair up for dinner to change up my normal look!).

Even though I did wear this outfit for our Valentine’s date, I definitely plan on repeating this look for one of the weddings we are going to this spring or summer! I feel like this type of outfit is perfect for weddings because it has some bright pops of color, is dressy enough without being over the top, and is pretty comfortable so that you can let loose and have some fun!

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Friday Faves: What Our Favorite Couples Teach Us About Love

Wedding Wednesday - Samuel Franklin Wedding Florist |

Surely you know by now that I am a huge hopeless romantic – always have been. I’m one of those girls who always believed in fairytales growing up (and I still do). I always wondered who my own Prince Charming would be. Thankfully, God brought a really special man into my life at the perfect time who showed me a new meaning to love. Now, I get to call that man my husband. He’s the one who will be the father to my children someday. The one who has been there beside my family through some of the most difficult times. The one who was by my side when I had a serious health scare. The one who helped me to reach my dreams of cheering in college. The one who supports me and encourages me in my career daily (which is not an easy task since I’m so hard on myself). And most importantly, the one who loves me despite all of my flaws (& trust me, there are plenty lol). He will always be there. I can always count on him. Our love is something that words really just can’t describe. After years of growing together, you realize that life teaches you so many amazing lessons about this thing called love. No, it’s not always perfect. No, it’s not always easy. No, I don’t expect a flawless future together. But, with all of that said … I can say that when you find that special one who literally takes your breath away, makes you laugh, and makes your heart feel a special, mad, crazy kind of love, I think you’ve found the one.

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Valentine’s Gift Guide for Him (+ Giveaway with Spoiled Rotten)

Valentine's Day Spoiled Rotten Boutique Giveaway & Gift Guide For Him |

Today on my Instagram, I’m sharing a special Valentine’s-inspired giveaway with one of my favorite boutiques, Spoiled Rotten Knox! Their sister brand, Southern Made Tees, makes the cutest (& most comfy tees) and sweatshirts I’ve ever worn! If you didn’t already know, I actually help out with this boutique a lot. I met the owner, Rhonda Gordon, in February of last year and have fallen more in love with the store & the culture ever since. It’s truly like one big family with values that money could not buy. I feel so thankful every week whenever I get to visit the store and brainstorm new ideas with them! The way my help comes into play is with the buying, designing, and styling sides of the business. I can’t wait to share all of the fun things coming to Spoiled Rotten because there are some amazing (& exciting) things that we have in store for y’all! Stay tuned for details on that because I promise that y’all will not want to miss out!! 🙂

With that said, go enter our giveaway!! There’s nothing more I love than connecting with and meeting you all! Just a couple of days ago at the grocery store (of all places!), the sweetest girl came up to me to tell me how she loved following along with love ‘n’ labels. Needless to say, I almost fainted right there in aisle 3. 😉 All jokes aside, I didn’t know this person, but I asked her for a hug because she truly made my entire week (shoutout to you Allie!). I absolutely love getting to know the readers and supporters of my blog! You are something so special to me because this site is truly like my child. I have so many hopes and dreams for my little corner of the Internet, so actually getting to hear from and connect with my readers makes me (literally) shed a tear or two.

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