Styled Becoming Sessions Gift Idea: Sarah McAffry x Peyton Baxter

Styled Becoming Sessions: Sarah McAffry x Peyton Baxter | love 'n' labels

I’m so thrilled to be teaming up with one of my good friends and insanely talented photographer, Sarah McAffry, to kick off my first holiday gift idea for the Christmas season! If you are a young girl between the ages of 10 and 16 years old or you have a daughter, sister, cousin or friend between 10-16, this is for you! Sarah and I have come up with the perfect gift idea for this beautiful, young lady – a Becoming Session. This is a photo shoot that is all about them! It’s a total girl day all about embracing who you are, finding […]

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Happy 1st Birthday to love ‘n’ labels!!

Happy 1st Birthday to love 'n' labels!! |

Today is a (very) special day here at love ‘n’ labels because we’re turning 1!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LNL!

I’ll be honest … when I sat down to write this blog post, I had no clue where to start. There’s so much I want to say and so many people I want to thank for helping me get to where I am today. So, I’m just going to start rambling off all of the thoughts that are jumbled inside my head right now as I reflect on my first year in the blogging world … here we go!

When I published my very first blog post (don’t judge, we’ve come a loooong way ha!) this time last year, I honestly had no idea what I was doing, what all I was getting myself into, and how much work came with running a successful brand and fashion blog. But over the past year, I have learned so much about the blogging industry, about myself, about other people, about having an audience and about the fashion world as a whole. To celebrate and further reflect on my first year of blogging, I want to share a few things that I have learned that continue to stick out to me time and time again:

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Transitional Fall Outfit + A Prayer for This World

Transitional Fall Outfit + A Prayer for This World | love 'n' labels

I typically don’t post here on the blog on Mondays but tonight, I felt led to share not only this really cute transitional outfit for fall, but also a few things I’ve had on my mind today.

First off, I wanted to share this cute #ootd that I wore not too long ago because it’s (finally) starting to feel like fall here in Tennessee … well, as much as it can for this time of year. If you’re from this area or anywhere in the south, you may know what I mean. It usually stays pretty warm around here until November or December (although last year on Christmas, it was still in the 70’s…), but this month, the temps have already started dropping a little bit. And you won’t hear me complaining! I’m ready to start breaking out the beanies & blanket scarves, but I still think I’ll have to wait awhile for that.

Anyways, if you’re like me and still stuck in a semi-warm climate for a few more months, you’ll fall in love with easy outfits like this one that will help you transition into fall. Like, the REAL fall (meaning temps into the 50s & 60s). 😉


I try my best to stick to a consistent schedule here on LNL (minus when I am traveling at times) but I guess that’s one of the beauties of being your own boss … when you feel inspired, you start writing. No matter the time, the place or the day. So here I sit taking a bubble bath, winding down for the day. Total silence. Just me & my thoughts. I actually love it – most of the time. But today, only thoughts of sorrow & pain fill my mind for the tragedy that happened here in the States last night. Does anyone else feel like it’s been very difficult to go about your normal day or is it just me??

I’ve been speechless since I woke up this morning and heard about the news. One of my blogger besties texted me first thing (she didn’t know if I had made it back from my trip to Vegas last week) asking, “ARE YOU OKAY?” “Are you hurt???” “I just heard about the LV shooting…”

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Date Night Style: Embroidered 2-Piece Set

Date Night Style: Embroidered 2-Piece Set | love 'n' labels

It’s Thursday, which means we’re one step closer to date night – woot woot! Teej and I take it pretty seriously. That’s the one thing that we promised ourselves early on that we would never let go of, so every Friday and/or Saturday, we go out for date night (and I love it). I think one of the most important pieces of advice that we have ever received was to never stop ‘dating’ each other … even once you’ve been married for 50 years. Whether it be date nights, movie marathons, having the car door opened for you, surprising each other with random gifts or simply just flirting, it’s so important to keep the spark alive in every day life – not just on the special occasions.

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Wedding Wednesday: One Year Wedding Anniversary + Our Honeymoon Recap

Wedding Wednesday: One Year Wedding Anniversary + Our Honeymoon Recap | love 'n' labels

Today’s post is officially the last post in my Wedding Wednesday series here on LNL – I can’t believe we have made it all the way through my personal wedding journey. I seriously wish I could go back and relive our wedding day over and over again! To finish out this series, I decided to share my own reflection of our first year of marriage and of course, a photo diary from our honeymoon (take me back!!). I hope you all enjoy!

Sunday, June 25, 2017 marked one year of marriage for my sweet hubby and me. 🙂 I truly can’t believe how fast time flies. TJ is my very best friend in life, and as much as I loved him on our wedding day, I can say with confidence that I love him even more today!

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Wedding Wednesday: The First Look(s)

Wedding Wednesday: The First Look(s) | love 'n' labels

I’m having mixed (bittersweet) feelings because my ‘Wedding Wednesday’ series is quickly coming to a close. Mine and TJ’s 1st wedding anniversary is this Sunday, June 25th – I seriously cannot believe it’s already been almost a year since we said “I do”! Time truly flies, y’all!!

But with that said, I have one more (very special) Wedding Wednesday post to share with you all before our anniversary post, and it’s all about the special first looks that I got to share with a few very significant people in my life. Keep scrolling to read all the details!

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Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Shower Tips & Recaps

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Shower Tips | love 'n' labels

Well, it’s officially almost June which means it’s almost been ONE YEAR since Teej and I tied the knot … say whaaat?! I can’t believe how fast time flies.

Anyways, since we’re coming up on our 1st anniversary and the end of my Wedding Wednesday series, I thought it would only be necessary for the month of June to share with you all of the fun events and details that led us up to the big day. I’m so excited to let you all into this very special time in my life, and I hope that you’ll enjoy the ride with me over this next month 🙂

First, I wanted to share this post with you all again in case you missed it on the last WW because I took you on a ride through the Big Easy during my Bachelorette Party. That was one fun, wild stop that helped me let off some steam and have fun with my girls before the big day!

Now, I want to share some of our personal photos (no, these are not professional or anything haha!) from our 3 wedding showers and also share a few tips along the way. These tips are just things that our amazing hostesses did at our showers, and as a bride, I really loved the outcome of them all! So, I figured that whether you are throwing a shower for someone or if you are the bride, these few suggestions may help.

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Wedding Wednesday: Baxter Bach Bash in NOLA

Wedding Wednesday: Baxter Bach Bash in NOLA | love 'n' labels

Happy Wedding Wednesday ladies! We can’t talk about all parts of the wedding planning process without having a little FUN 😉

So, take a trip with me down memory lane as I look back through pics of my bachelorette party in NOLA! Before this trip, I had never been to New Orleans but had always wanted to visit, and I figured that there’s no better time to experience it than during my ‘final fling before the ring’. I have to give a special shoutout to the ladies in these pictures (and especially to my beautiful matron of honor – my big sister, Brittany) who pulled off an amazing trip to help me celebrate the most special time in my life. It was such a great trip to help get me away from all the wedding chaos and planning for a few days and just to let loose with my girls!

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Wedding Wednesday: Introducing My Groom, His Groomsmen + Their Wedding Day Style

Wedding Wednesday Introducing Bridal Party | love 'n' labels

Today’s post is pretty special to me personally because I get to share a few things about my handsome groom that y’all may not know about him. He actually plays such a huge role behind the scenes of love ‘n’ labels (plus he’s my very best friend) so I thought I would share a little more about him with you guys!

In my last WW post, I introduced you all to each of my bridesmaids & flower girls and gave you all of the inside deets about their wedding day attire, so I’ll be doing the same for the guys post today! I seriously got so lucky to not only meet the greatest man alive to call my husband, but that he also had some incredible friends to welcome me in as a sister to them. These guys are truly like my big brothers. They are so much more than friends to us – they are family.

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5 Tips On Wedding Guest Attire

Wedding Guest Attire | love 'n' labels

Wedding season has officially begun you guys! I can’t help but get excited over this because I’m a sucker for love and fairytale endings!

Teej and I attended our first wedding of the year this past weekend, and it was magical – to say the least. Our good friends KT and Ashley tied the knot at the beautiful Howe Farms, and their special day couldn’t have been any more gorgeous! Thankfully, the rain held off until after their ceremony, but sheesh the rain has been SO insane here in Tennessee (and yes, we needed it, but it’s to the point now where everything is flooding … I pray it stops soon and everything gets back to normal.) Anyways, Ash is truly a princess and her & KT’s big day felt like a real life fairytale! Ashley is actually one of my fashion blogger besties, so if you haven’t already, be sure to check out her blog!

So, with wedding season coming in hot, I wanted to share a few tips on wedding guest attire with you all and share a few of my favorite dresses to wear as a wedding guest!

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