Friday Favorites: ‘Me’ Time

LNL love 'n' labels: friday favorites - me time

It’s Friyay! Hallelujah! Today I wanted to share a little bit about myself so that you all can get to know the person behind LNL just a little better. As you know, every Friday I share about one of my ‘favorite’ things, whether it be fashion-related or not. It’s kind of the day to let my readers get to know me – Peyton – a little better or to share some of my favorite products, etc.

So, with that said … I wanted to share with you about one of the things in my daily life that I just can’t live without. And I think everyone needs this in their lives everyday (even if it’s for only a couple minutes). I’m talking about my ‘me’ time.

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Wedding Wednesday: 4 Tips to Help You in the Beginning of the Wedding Planning Process

Happy Hump Daaay! It’s time for another #weddingwednesday — where’re all my beautiful brides at?! Before we get too far into girly wedding talk, I wanted to inform y’all that going forward, I plan on sharing only one to two #weddingwednesday posts per month (instead of a weekly thing). I don’t want to bombard love ‘n’ labels with too much wedding mush, so rather, I plan on popping in a WW post about every other week or so.

If you know me, you know that I love all things wedding-related, and since I just went through the entire wedding process myself, I want to share as many tips, tricks and pieces of advice that I can with soon-to-be brides. Thus far, I have shared about getting engaged, some guidance on what to do after you get engaged (read that post HERE), and details/advice of throwing an engagement party (read HERE).

Today, I’m sharing all about what I did after our engagement party to officially begin the wedding planning process.

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Cyber Monday – Under $100 Shopping Guide

Happy Cyber Monday, fashionistas! I’ve stalked all of my favorite online retailers that I ALWAYS shop at in order to share with you guys the best of the best fashion sales that are going on right now. I’ve even included a few things for the special men in our lives because I know my girlfriends are always asking me what to get for their boyfriends, husbands, brothers, etc. Be sure to keep an eye out for that toward the end of the post.

So, without further ado, let’s get started:

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Thanksgiving #OOTD (& More Black Friday Sales)

LNL love 'n' labels: thanksgiving #ootd with plunder jewelry, black friday sales

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you beautiful turkeys out there! I’m currently posting this from the car because TJ and I are on our way to our first stop of the day. We woke up this morning and sat by our tree, watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade & sipping on coffee .. ah pure bliss for real! Now we’re in FEAST mode. 😉 What are y’all’s plans today? Any fun traditions?? My mom, sister and I have a tradition that we do every year after Thanksgiving dinner. We drive up to our local shopping outlets and literally shop ’til we drop. The outlets stay open all night, so it’s some fun girl time and we get a lot of great deals to check off some of our Christmas shopping. I’d love to hear about your holiday traditions – comment below, send me a message or snap me (@peyton.baxter). I’ll be sharing some of our family traditions on snap if you want to follow along!

Anywho, I’m sharing one of my fave options for a casual Thanksgiving #ootd today with Savannah from Plunder Vintage Jewelry!

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Top Black Friday Sale Picks: Nordstrom

LNL love 'n' labels: Nordstrom Black Friday Sales

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, beautiful! We made it (finally) … anyone else feel like the ‘short’ weeks are the ones that are the hardest and last for-ev-er??? phew. But now, it is officially time for some family time, feasts, and SHOPPING, of course! This is one of my favorite times of the year because it combines two of my favorite things: the holidays & lots of shopping.

I skipped #WeddingWednesday today to go ahead and start sharing with you all about some of the amazing deals that are already going on for Black Friday. Online retailers have, of course, already started their sales and lucky for us, they are some big-name retailers that we all know and love. There are so many great deals out there that I saw today while surfing different sites, and over the next few days, I plan to share with you all of my top sale picks from all of the holiday deals.

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Neighborhood Barre – Holiday barreBOX

Happy Thanksgiving Week, ladies! This week officially kicks off the Holiday 2016 season and I couldn’t be more excited!! Are you guys as pumped as I am? If you know me (& if you follow me on snap – @peyton.baxter – or my instastories) then you know I am a huge Christmas and holiday fanatic. I already have two trees up in my house and I’m planning on putting the third one up SOON, along with all of our outdoor decor.

Along with the holidays comes shopping for great deals, family time, LOTS of food babies lol, and gift-giving. This season, I’ve partnered with Neighborhood Barre to share about their new (and deal of the century, I might add) Holiday barreBOX.

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Friday Favorites: Giving Back

We FINALLY made it to the weekend y’all – if you ask me, we all deserve a new outfit for that (it was a loooong week ha!) …

All jokes aside, one of my most favorite things in life has always been giving back. Growing up, I was a part of a few different philanthropy organizations, and I gained a passion for helping others. This has only grown stronger as I’ve transitioned into adulthood, and I thought since it is the season of thanksgiving, I would share about how all of us (fashionistas) could give back this holiday season and help others who are in need.

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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party (& Tips Along The Way)

On this lovely Wedding Wednesday, I’m sharing the next step in the wedding planning process. Last week, I shared what wedding planning book I used to kickstart my wedding festivities and plans (in THIS POST), sooo I thought that it would only make sense to share with you what came next in the process, for me. The engagement partaaay, of course! After all, you do have a huge reason & rock to celebrate!

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Holiday Gift Guide For Your Ladies (Under $50)

We’ve almost made it to another FriYAY y’all – woo! With Thanksgiving and Christmas quickly approaching, I thought I would officially begin my ‘Holiday Gift Guide’ posts. If you follow me on Snapchat (@peyton.baxter) or on my Instastories, then you know that I have already started decorating for the holidays & playing Christmas music … eek! I also have some of my Christmas shopping done … YES!

So, I figured why not go ahead and start sharing some of my favorite gift ideas with you all?!

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