Wedding Wednesday: The First Look(s)

Wedding Wednesday: The First Look(s) | love 'n' labels

I’m having mixed (bittersweet) feelings because my ‘Wedding Wednesday’ series is quickly coming to a close. Mine and TJ’s 1st wedding anniversary is this Sunday, June 25th – I seriously cannot believe it’s already been almost a year since we said “I do”! Time truly flies, y’all!!

But with that said, I have one more (very special) Wedding Wednesday post to share with you all before our anniversary post, and it’s all about the special first looks that I got to share with a few very significant people in my life. Keep scrolling to read all the details!

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LA Vacay Recap

LA Vacay Recap | love 'n' labels

Before this trip, I had only been to LA once before for like a half of a day, so I was excited to head back there for a whole week with Teej and some of our closest friends for a little vacay action. Before the trip and while I was there, so many people asked if it was for work or just for vacation, and thankfully I can say that the trip was purely for our enjoyment and no work was involved (for the most part — it’s hard to turn everything off sometimes ha!). It was so nice & refreshing to actually get away with my husband for an entire week and not have to worry about a bunch of deadlines or the next photo shoot of the day. I even took a whole 5 days off from blogging here on LNL – which felt so strange (and somewhat difficult) to me – but it was necessary and now, I’m more inspired and more ready than ever to get back into the swing of things to provide you all with the best content that I can come up with. I truly missed being on here with you all, but thank you so much for being so understanding while I took a few days off for vacay!

Before we get back on track with all things LNL, fashion and beauty, I want to share just a few pictures and moments from our trip that really stood out to me, and hopefully, the next time you visit LA, you’ll be able to take some of these ideas on the trip with you!

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Patricia Nash Handbag & Blogger Block Party

Patricia Nash Handbag & Blogger Block Party | love 'n' labels

Happy Friday LNL babes! And long time, no talk! If you follow along with me on Instagram or Snapchat, then you probably saw where I was in LA this week with Teej and some of our friends – it was a total blast and such a nice getaway! Working from home and being my own boss, I sometimes find myself never having any time ‘off’, and never letting myself have a true vacation, so this week, I took that opportunity to have the whole week ‘off’ from blogging and styling (for the most part haha). It’s hard to completely shut off everything, but it was a really nice break and now I feel so excited to get back to reality & back to work. I’m thinking about recapping our trip this week (with details on where we ate, visited, shopped, etc.), so let me know if that’s something that y’all would be interested in ๐Ÿ™‚

Now let’s get to the main point of this post …

I’m so excited about a special event coming up on June 22nd with Patricia Nash and the best part is that YOU are invited to join me!! When I found out that I could invite all of my LNL readers & followers, I got so excited! If you are local to the Knoxville area or live anywhere close to East Tennessee, you should definitely come and hang out with me (& a lot of other bloggers) at the event!

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45 Random Facts About Me

45 Random Facts About Me | love 'n' labels

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of new faces come across my blog and my Instagram, so I thought I would post something a little different to welcome all of you new beauties to the LNL family. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m SO happy that you are here and enjoy following along with my blog, and I hope that you’ll leave a comment here or on IG (or even shoot me a DM), so that we can build this relationship and get to know each other even better!

I’ve been feeling so blessed lately by being able to finally live out my dream and my passion, and there’s no way I would be anywhere close to where I am today without YOUR love and support along the way. Late last night when I was finishing some work before bed, I hopped onto IG real quick and realized that I had officially hit 18K followers. Like seriously, you guys?! You rock my world. I told my hubby, “I mean, little ole me from a small town in Tennessee … Really???” I still pinch myself every day because I can’t believe that I get to call this my job and get to do what I am so passionate about every day. Now, is it easy? Absolutely not. Is life all about how many followers you have on social media? HECK NO!! Am I one of those huge bloggers making millions? Nope. Do I hope to be there one day? Well, of course.

The point is, this blogging journey has absolutely taught me so much that I never even knew about myself, and I’ve had to work literally day in and day out busting my you know what to get it all going in the right direction (finally). I am so happy and relieved to say that I’m proud of where this blog is today and where it is going (God willing). All that to say, NONE of this would be possible without you and the Lord on my side, so I just want to share with you my extreme gratitude and love! Whether you are new around here or you have been one of my biggest supporters since the very beginning, I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, and tonight, I want to share a little more about myself that you may not know about me. I’m hoping that this will help you connect with all things love ‘n’ labels on a more personal level because after all, y’all are my babes and some of my very best friends. XO

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Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Shower Tips & Recaps

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Shower Tips | love 'n' labels

Well, it’s officially almost June which means it’s almost been ONE YEAR since Teej and I tied the knot … say whaaat?! I can’t believe how fast time flies.

Anyways, since we’re coming up on our 1st anniversary and the end of my Wedding Wednesday series, I thought it would only be necessary for the month of June to share with you all of the fun events and details that led us up to the big day. I’m so excited to let you all into this very special time in my life, and I hope that you’ll enjoy the ride with me over this next month ๐Ÿ™‚

First, I wanted to share this post with you all again in case you missed it on the last WW because I took you on a ride through the Big Easy during my Bachelorette Party. That was one fun, wild stop that helped me let off some steam and have fun with my girls before the big day!

Now, I want to share some of our personal photos (no, these are not professional or anything haha!) from our 3 wedding showers and also share a few tips along the way. These tips are just things that our amazing hostesses did at our showers, and as a bride, I really loved the outcome of them all! So, I figured that whether you are throwing a shower for someone or if you are the bride, these few suggestions may help.

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Day Trip to Napa Valley and Sonoma

Day Trip to Napa Valley and Sonoma | love 'n' labels

Happy Friday LNL babes! Well, our trip in California is coming to a close. Tonight, we are catching a red eye flight back home to Tennessee so we can make it to our friends’ wedding tomorrow!

Before we say goodbye to the beautiful Cali, I wanted to post about the day trip we took to Napa Valley and Sonoma earlier this week. I’m sure you guys saw a lot of behind the scenes snaps and pics on my Insta Stories and Snapchat, but I couldn’t let this trip go by without sharing more about our day in wine country. Let’s just say … it was ahhhh-mazing!

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Easy & Casual Outfit of the Day

Casual Outfit of the Day | love 'n' labels

Finally, the weekend is here again ladies! And I’m super pumped because I’m actually about to jet off to Cali! Teej has to go out to San Fran for Google’s annual conference, which if you know anything about all that tech stuff (It’s okay if you don’t – I wouldn’t either if I wasn’t married to him!), you may know how hard it is to get an invite to this particular conference! He’s been trying to get an invitation for like 4 years now, but it’s literally like a lottery. For those who don’t know, Teej is a web developer (aka software engineer, computer programmer, etc etc etc). I always give him a hard time about him being my sweet, handsome nerd. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But man am I thankful that he’s my nerd! Needless to say, he’s just as thrilled as I am to head back to San Fran! I’m just tagging along on this trip for a fun mini-vacay & of course, a little work of my own.

Anyways, I was out with my mom a few days ago shopping for some last minute items for our trip, and I had on this cute & (super) casual outfit of the day, so we thought we would document it for you guys to shop! This is one of those OOTDs that is so easy to recreate and it’s so practical. If I’m being completely honest, this is exactly what my daily style consists of on days when I don’t have appointments. It’s definitely one of my favorite styles to wear over and over again!

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas From My Mom

Mother's Day Gift Ideas from My Mom | love 'n' labels

Seriously, you guys … what would we do without our moms, grandmas, mothers-in-law & even those motherly figures in our lives? I know – at least for me – I would be nothing. Personally, I think everyday should be Mother’s Day, because one day out of 365 just doesn’t do it justice to show the gratitude and love that we all have for all of our special ladies out there. But we can try to make their day extra special by gifting them with a sweet token of love and pampering them on their 1 ‘off-day’ (if that even exists ha!). I’ve actually teamed up with someone REALLY special for this post, and no it’s not a brand or another clothing company. No retailers were even involved in this post. Today, I decided to team up with none other than my sweet Mama. Some know her as Pamela, Pam or Pammy. But I know her only as Mommy, Mama, or Queenie. Because let’s face it – she’s the real Queen. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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My Career Path + Life Lately 05.04.17

Life Lately | love 'n' labels

I was brainstorming a few days ago about some ideas that I thought many of you would be interested in reading here on LNL, and it dawned on me that I’ve actually never really broken down the nitty gritty and told you all how I’ve gotten to where I am today and why I decided to follow this path in my career.

It all started when I began playing dress up as a little girl – so clichรฉ… Okay so yes, I loved playing dress up and I loved fashion at a very young age, but what really sparked my interest (in a more serious manner) was when I first saw Laguna Beach & The Hills, and I absolutely fell in love with LC – Lauren Conrad. I’m sure we all loved Laguna and The Hills (actually, I still rewatch episodes to this day), but it’s not necessarily the tv series that made a big impact on my life. It was LC, her work ethic (although, not sure I would’ve given up Paris for a boy!), and her career that was unfolding before all of our eyes. You can ask my mom right now … when it came time for me to start thinking about majors in college and careers, she would ask me what I wanted to do in fashion, and (before I entered college) my answer was always, “I want to do what LC and does.” Not only LC, but Whitney Port too – she’s been killing the fashion game since the show! Lauren landed a major fashion-based internship at Teen Vogue (hello dream job!) and then later was hired at a PR firm, People’s Revolution by a total bad-A #girlboss Kelly Cutrone. Side note: If you haven’t read Cutrone’s book, YOU NEED TO. It’s called If You Have to Cry, Go Outside … and Other Things Your Mother Never Told You — nuff said.

What’s so funny about myself is that I’m a huge dreamer (like crazy dreams) & goal-setter, and I’ve always had the mentality that if I want something badly enough .. I’ll make it happen one way or another. And what’s even funnier, is that yes, that mentality is very beneficial at times. But sometimes, God has other things in store for you that are 100 million times better than I even could have imagined.

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Wedding Wednesday: Introducing My Groom, His Groomsmen + Their Wedding Day Style

Wedding Wednesday Introducing Bridal Party | love 'n' labels

Today’s post is pretty special to me personally because I get to share a few things about my handsome groom that y’all may not know about him. He actually plays such a huge role behind the scenes of love ‘n’ labels (plus he’s my very best friend) so I thought I would share a little more about him with you guys!

In my last WW post, I introduced you all to each of my bridesmaids & flower girls and gave you all of the inside deets about their wedding day attire, so I’ll be doing the same for the guys post today! I seriously got so lucky to not only meet the greatest man alive to call my husband, but that he also had some incredible friends to welcome me in as a sister to them. These guys are truly like my big brothers. They are so much more than friends to us – they are family.

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