Best Shampoo, Conditioner & Hair Treatment for Blondes

Best Shampoo Conditioner & Hair Treatment for Blondes | love 'n' labels

One of the most popular questions that I always get asked is, “Are you a natural blonde?” … And my answer is yes, I am – however, my natural color is more of a dirty blonde (like the color in my underneath layers) versus this bright, platinum color on top. A few years ago while I was in college, I started getting some lighter blonde highlights put throughout the top layers of my hair and around my face to just brighten it up and create some depth. I love the color now and totally don’t regret coloring my hair, but if you are a blonde that has to make some frequent trips to the salon like I do .. well then you know the struggle on trying to PROTECT and REPAIR your color-treated hair. It’s not easy, but if you’re like me, being blonde is a part of your identity & you’ll continue to unapologetically highlight (aka fry) your hair for the rest of your days. Thankfully though ladies, I’ve found the BEST shampoo, conditioner and treatment for your blonde, color-treated hair that will protect, quench, brighten and repair your pretty locks for years to come!

I am often asked what my favorite shampoo/conditioner combo is, and I couldn’t be more excited to finally share it with you ladies because trust me, I know the struggle on finding hair products and treatments that actually work. I’m obsessed with the products from BLNDN, which is an amazing company owned by two beautiful blondes who have felt the same struggle that all of us have. They just decided to do something about it so that we can all benefit from these products and sport some healthy-looking, bright blonde locks!

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My Hair Secret to Get More Volume

Hair Secret to Get More Volume | love 'n' labels

I’m constantly getting asked how I do my hair, what I do to get so much volume, if my hair is just naturally thick, etc etc etc. Well, I can tell you that my hair is actually not very thick at all … I like for it to look that way (what girl doesn’t?), so I always use a few of my hair secrets to make it appear that way. I actually have very fine hair – just a lot of it. And since my hair’s texture is naturally frizzy and texturized, it makes it a bit easier for me when I tease my hair.

However, some people hate teasing their hair (and it’s probably not the best thing to do either since it causes some damage over time), so I have a couple of tricks for you all to try in order to achieve more volume all around and look like you just got a perfect blow out!

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Lightweight Denim Romper + Messy Bun Tutorial

Lightweight Denim Romper and Messy Bun Tutorial | love 'n' labels

Not much of an overalls kinda girl? Me either. But we all still want to stay on-trend! This lightweight denim romper is the perfect alternative to the overall trend that is so hot and heavy right now. Not to mention, it’s one of the best pieces that you can add to your wardrobe this spring!

Rompers are a fave for almost every girl that I know, and during the spring months, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right jacket to layer with your sleeveless rompers. In many parts of the world, those super hot summer temps haven’t hit just yet, so an adorable long sleeve romper is the way to go – especially when the material is a lightweight denim. When I say lightweight, I mean that it’s not too bulky and thick. This material is so comfortable and practical for so many events because it’s flexible. It’s thin enough to where you won’t be uncomfortably hot, but also thick enough to hide the problem spots. Another thing I love about this piece is that there are so many ways to style it – gotta love versatility! I can go from day time and pair the romper with cute, flat sandals to night where I can pair it with these Marc Fisher wedges (which are my FAVE shoes right now!!) or a chunky heel. The exact romper that I have on in this post is officially sold out 🙁 but I have linked a ton of really similar ones below (including a couple tween and plus sizes)!

Also, one of the most requested post ideas has been a messy bun tutorial — probably because I wear my hair in a messy bun a lot!
Let’s jump right in and I’ll explain to you all how I do my mine and the little tricks I have found over the years that work best!

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Friday #OOTD + My Favorite Self Tanner

Friday #ootd, Favorite Self Tanner | love 'n' labels

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen me raving about this #OOTD pocket tee on my InstaStories. I said that I’ve been living in it lately, and I wasn’t joking. I love it that much … especially for a Friday!

Friday style is one of my favorite types of style because it’s kind of like the ‘wildcard day’. If you work in an office, you may even have a ‘casual Friday’ where you could step outside of your typical workplace wardrobe. For this, you could throw on this pocket tee for a casual, yet chic look with the vest in this post or even a cute blazer. Or maybe you are like me – working from home – and you just want to feel comfortable, while still looking put together. This outfit is perfect for that (hence, why I’ve been living in it lately, LOL), and then you’ll already be dressed to head out for dinner and drinks once the workday comes to a close!

Along with this tee, I’ve also had a lot of people who have been asking me about my favorite self tanner, so yesterday, I gave a sneak peek of it on my Instagram Stories. Sooo many of you all were interested in buying some for yourself to try it out (YAY), so scroll down to the bottom of this post for the direct link where you can buy it! This self tanner is literally a miracle in a bottle!

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Top 12 Drug Store and High End Make-Up Products

Top Drug Store and High End Make-Up Products | love 'n' labels

It took me the longest time to start trying out high end makeup lines because I’ve always really liked a lot of drug store products (and hello… they were cheaper!). Over the years, I have found a few products from both the drug store and Sephora that I will always go back to! I want to share these with you all and make this point to say that you don’t necessarily have to have only high end products in your makeup case. After trying out so many different lines, I’ve found that yes, I do like some of the high end lines better for certain areas of my face, but I also still go back to my tried-and-true holy grail of drug store finds.

Let’s play a little game of save vs. splurge!

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How to Use the New App to Shop My Looks app | love 'n' labels

I get questions 24/7 of people asking me how they can shop my outfits, and the simplest way for you to recreate any look or shop the pieces I am wearing in my photos is through the new app. The app was just launched today and now makes it even easier for you all to shop all of my looks via Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest .. you name it!

I thought it would be best to explain this whole thing in a post of its own because I’m constantly getting asked how it works and how to sign up. (PS – this works for any blogger, influencer, etc. so if you get the app, you can automatically shop other people’s looks, beauty products and home decor as well.) Soooo, grab your phone & I’ll walk you through it! Here we go:

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February Instagram Round-Up

peyton and tj baxter | love 'n' labels

Since the month of love has already come and gone (so quickly, I might add), I figured now is the best time to recap everything in the love ‘n’ labels Instagram world for the past month! A lot of changes happened for me in February, and my hubby was featured on the blog a tonnn because, well of course, it was the time of year to show off my love for him. 😉

Take a look at the Insta recap below, and you might even see a blog post that you missed out on or forgot to read!

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January Instagram Recap

snow days at home outfit

Can you believe we are already over a month into 2017?! Time flies. Now it’s time for reds, pinks, hugs, kisses, chocolates & flowers – some of life’s greatest things right? 😉 I have so many amazing things in store for this month, so I hope you’ll tag along with me on the journey. A lot of changes have been happening in my life lately, so I’m planning on sharing a life update soon with you all to give my LNL loves the inside scoop!!

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Sarah McAffry, Inc. Designer Photo Shoot Giveaway

Although Sarah photographs a wide range of ages and personal styles, she specializes primarily in styled senior sessions. Sarah will now be offering a Designer Package, which allows the client to have a personal styling session with #PeytonBaxterStyling — aka, me! 😉 Along with my personal styling services prior to and during your photo shoot, you will also receive a planning meeting weeks before the big day, professional hair and makeup on the day-of, a studio & on-location photo shoot, a $200 print credit after your photos have been completed, and of course, first class treatment throughout your whole experience. WOAH! Seriously, what more could you want out of a photo shoot?!

To kick off this new package of luxury, Sarah and I have come together to give away a Designer shoot ($700 value) to one lucky winner! All of the details are listed on mine & Sarah’s Instagram pages, so head over there to enter! We are already looking forward to working with one of you beautiful girls!!

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Wedding Wednesday: Glam Squad

wedding wednesday hair and makeup bangs and blush

Happy Wedding Wednesday lovely ladies! Before I even dive into all things hair and makeup for your wedding day, I wanted to point out that The Pink Bride Wedding Show will be in Chattanooga this weekend, and I’ll be there! I’d absolutely love to see you and chat with all of you gorgeous brides-to be! let me know if you are planning to attend. 🙂

Now, to dig into wedding day glam!

If there’s one question that I have gotten almost more than any other wedding-related questions, it’s been about hair and makeup. But, of course that is a really important part of your big day, so I totally get it! There are sooo many details to think about and you obviously want someone who you trust (in a big way) on your ‘glam squad’ on the most special day of your life. I was fortunate enough to have an amazing beauty team take care of my girls and me on the big day, so take a peek into how I decided on this company & how great all of our looks turned out – all thanks to Bangs & Blush!

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